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EMR and EHR Medical Software Development

The future belongs to healthcare software solutions. Every tech insider, financial adviser, and software survey tells about it. Healthcare industry is going to be disrupted in the next decade and not by one big platform but by many local ones. Smartphones and smartwatches allow 24/7 data gathering and also make it possible to monitor a…

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What are the HL7 standards and how to implement them?

Medical sphere is a unique and complicated one. You can take two different clinics, laboratories, surgeries or therapist offices and they will probably have different standards of interacting with the data and clients. And this is not the only difference those healthcare institutions will demonstrate. They all may have opposite approaches to business, payment structures,...

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Clinical Trial Management Software

It’s no secret that companies that conduct clinical trials are not always in a hurry to introduce technological innovations. Many of them still keep paper records and diaries, as well as ten-year-old software. Over the past few years, there has been a positive trend with clinical trial companies, including software in their workflow. A recent...

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Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) – Using IT to Decrease Adverse Drug Events

Let’s imagine a situation where a doctor prescribes certain drugs and tests to a patient on paper. Filling out papers and entering in various kinds of journals and reports takes the doctor’s time, and the patient needs to walk with documents to different offices to make an appointment, and then undergo the necessary tests, etc....

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