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GBKSOFT gets into Top Education App Developers

GBKSOFT was honored to get the award as the company that has Top Education App Developers. Nowadays education becomes more digitalized and modernized. There is a wide range of different web services that propose lessons, courses, meetings with professionals, etc. We represent a high level of expertise in the area of education. We understand how important…

Rating — 5 (4 votes) by Mikula on August 4, 2020


New Ways to Boost Education Industry with Tech

The most recent events in the world demonstrated clearly that the future of the education industry is in bringing it online. This is already obvious to everyone, and now the questions that industry keeps asking itself are: “How to provide the same level of involvement and communication?” and “How to preserve the same level of...

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StartUp App Ideas

Best Ways to Entertain and to Educate your Kids During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  More than 770 million learners worldwide are now being affected by school and university closures, according to the United Nations. In this situation many parents faced with to home-schooling their children. While many traditional schools provide students with access to online education during a shutdown, supplementing with other tools can help kids explore interests they...

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The Crisis Poses Challenges and Provides New Business Opportunities

The coronavirus pandemic is a serious global issue. A worldwide containment effort to halt the spread of COVID-19 has affected far-reaching impacts on both the world economy and local communities. Many businesses naturally have questions and urgent issues, but many are already starting to look for the latent opportunities within this crisis. The restaurants faced with...

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StartUp App Ideas

The Age of Mobile E-Learning Platforms: Classroom and Library in Your Pocket

What can be more important than education? We learn our whole lives and this is by far single most crucial process of all. As the saying goes, education never ends and there is no reason for it to stop because, frankly, the more you know, the more you discover there’s still an infinity of unknown...

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How Virtual Reality Is Changing Education Process in Schools

If you’ll think about the world the kids are going to enter after they graduate from high school, there is absolutely no way that the world will be vacant of technologies. And, frankly speaking, education in middle and high schools lags behind most. The most demanding is middle school, obviously. Kids here are already connected...

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Online Mentoring Platfrom


Before you Start: Online Mentoring Platform Development

Have you thought about creating an Online Mentoring Platform? Or maybe a mentoring app? Perhaps you have anticipated some business risks and marketing challenges related to the promotion of such a project. But have you ever thought about software requirements and all those tech challenges that may wait for you around the corner? We do...

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courserooms educational platform

Company News

CourseRooms Case Study Arrives!

New web project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Meet CorseRooms – an educational web platform. CourseRooms is a perfect place for students to learn new skills in different areas. Instructors on their part can share experience and gain money.

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