The Poshmark Business Model – How to Build a successful app like Poshmark?

If you ever thought about building a shopping mobile app? Then you should definitely consider a Poshmark marketplace as a role model for your future app. Why? Across the internet, the resale market is blowing up. Platforms like The RealReal and StockX are making it easier than ever to buy and sell luxury goods, while…

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Facebook Marketplace

Marketing Tips

The Pros and Cons of Facebook Marketplace & Shops (Update)

Facebook launches Marketplace and enters previously uncharted territory of local e-commerce. We’ve made a closer look to find some hints for those who are building social media apps.

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Crisis Fuels E-Commerce – Online Spending Is Higher Than Ever

Yes, the world is in shock and global economy faces a massive disruption. Some even say markets are free falling. Yet, digital commerce and online spending face a significant increase. 

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The tremendous growth of E-commerce and its opportunities

According to recommendations to stay in the shelter because of the pandemic, online shopping crowded out an old-fashioned trip to the store. Besides the total growth in e-commerce spending, sales data highlights that after an initial stockpiling of goods, a lot of online buyers have turned their focus to entertainment products such as books and...

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multivendor marketplace website development


TOP Reasons to Choose Custom Marketplace

So you want to redevelop your own multi-vendor e-commerce website like Amazon or eBay. But what you have now is a little WordPress website, and you’re so clueless where to begin. The first thing you might though is to use one of existing CMS upgrades or resettle to the new e-commerce engine, like Magenta or...

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etsy like p2p app


How to Make a Peer-to-Peer Mobile Shopping App

Ever wanted to build an app that allows users to shop smart by connecting directly to merchants? This is what peer-to-peer marketplaces do. Just look at Amazon and Alibaba and see how they leveraged from marketplace business model. Fortunately, you don’t need to build another Amazon to succeed. You can start from the development of...

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Personal Shopping Assistant App


How to Create a Personal Shopping Assistant App that is Better than Human?

Live fast, die young – that’s what the world is telling us. People struggle the extensive to-do lists and 24/7 productive lifestyle. We can no longer afford to live or lives slowly. Time becomes a luxury resource. Busy with their daily routine people have less and less time for such ordinary thing as shopping.

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