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How is it right for the client to formulate design requirements and feedback?

One of the main difficulties in communication between the client and the designer is how to successfully convey your vision. It can be quite difficult for a client to put into words his ideas and thoughts. And even if you masterfully describe the project, this does not guarantee that the designer will have the same…

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How to Organize Communication With Your Remote Team

Video conferencing gains popularity because it eliminates employee travel between sites for meetings. Also, it’s an income-generating tool for holding webinars and other online events. We saw tremendous growth in the telecommuting sector at the beginning of 2020 because working from home (WFH) as the best way to stay healthy and as one of the...

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Why Your Outsourced Team Needs a PM

Outsourcing allows a company to subcontract a particular specialist or even a department within the organization. A company may outsource the project manager or any other worker or department for one or more reasons. Though, in common, companies usually choose to outsource to save money or benefit from the experience outside the company.

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Marketing Tips

How to Improve Customer Service with Web Communication

A recent Deloitte research sites that 62% of companies perceive contact centers as a “competitive advantage” that drives additional customers. Definitely, in the age when services dominate over the products, few will argue with the importance of contact centers. It must be acknowledged that additional services (contact centers are among them) are the new drivers...

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