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The Development of Advanced Internal Web-Based Portal

The larger the company becomes, the more it uses digital tools. And although the tools are designed to optimize large companies’ work, at the same time, their abundance can complicate the workflow and communication between departments because sometimes it can take half a day to collect the necessary data. It is because your company’s development…

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IRent vs. Custom PMS Development

When setting up a new business process, many of our clients are trying to find a ready-made digital solution to facilitate our work. How do we usually do it? We read the description and, at best, watch the video review. Then we decide whether it is suitable or not. Only after using this software can...

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Smart Property Systems vs. Custom PMS Development

The rented real estate management is not the most straightforward job since you need to find a tenant and take payment and many tasks related to real estate maintenance, accounting, etc. The more real estate objects you have for rent, the more active there is a need for software to automate processes and free up...

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New Trends in Mobile Development

If I ask you what you always take with you and use the most of the time during your day, the answer would be – mobile phone. No wonder we are so attached to our phones, because nowadays we have applications for everything – ordering food, online shopping, learning new skills, booking tickets and apartments,...

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What are the Business Intelligence Tools and How to Use Them?

Talking about business trends in 2017, everyone is buzzing about big data, business intelligence, predictive analytics and other big words. So many definitions and technologies we need to keep up with, that it’s easy to get lost in a diversity of interpretations.

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