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Power Up your Business with IoT applications

Every business nowadays fights for better performance to get ahead of other companies. So, companies are constantly searching for ways to overreach their business goals and get better results.  The tech field offers a lot of innovative solutions that enhance business performance. Implementation of the Internet of Things (IoT), is an example of technology that…

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App Legal Requirements: How to Avoid App Development Traps

You have hundreds of questions to address before starting the development of a mobile application. And we bet that most of them are connected to the business idea of your app and the software development process. You are so excited about the fact that your app will soon be developed and the prospects that you...

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Company News

Leo Case Study Arrives!

Meet a new case study in our portfolio that highlights insight into the project Leo. It’s up and waits for your attention. Leo is a highly functional construction management system. The future software was designed to solve the following tasks: To reduce the workload on employees. To automate the estimation process. To measure actual labor...

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CRM, ECM and ERP: How your Business can Leverage from this Tools?

How to achieve more results? How to improve the business processes in my company? We bet you ask yourself these questions. And the answer exists. In the modern world, when everything moves so fast, the automatization of business processes is a must. Multitasking, huge flow of information and race for the best result take us...

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Top Revolutionary Technological Decisions of Alibaba

Today is the biggest shopping day in the world. But do you know that it would not be celebrated if not for the efforts and creativity of Alibaba? The thing is that 11.11 is the Singles Day celebrated annually in China. It is like an anti-Valentine holiday that with time transformed into the biggest shopping...

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The Guide to Integration Platform as a Service

Today we all work in a continually changing environment, and such conditions require a quick response and adaptation. It isn’t easy to find a company that would use only one software product in its work. What happens when different systems run on other platforms, each of which plays an essential role in your business? Most...

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What is the best Angular development company? 

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building applications and it is widely used all over the world. Both the clients and the developers appreciate Angular projects because it is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem that is known for years as the most reliable, convenient and cost effective in terms of app...

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Why is choosing a remote team a Good Idea?

This year many companies organized remote work for their employees because of the pandemic. And as the practice demonstrated, this approach worked perfectly. The companies remained functioning and the clients still had a chance to effectively cooperate with them. Even now when in many countries the offices began opening, the remote work stays actual than...

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StartUp App Ideas

Quarantine Boosted Popularity of Resale Marketplaces

Quarantine made people from all over the world stay at home for more than a month. This is quite a long period of time and everyone is desperately searching for interesting things to do. Some people keep working remotely, others just read books, watch movies or learn something new online. But the first thing almost...

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The Main Stages of Business Life Cycle

Unfortunately, companies don’t grow in a straight line from new venture to the big company. As companies grow and get bigger the challenges they face change too. As a result, the way the company operates and is managed has to fundamentally change during the lifespan of the business. In other words, as a company gets...

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