Personal Shopping Assistant App


How to Create a Personal Shopping Assistant App that is Better than Human?

These days time becomes a luxury resource. Busy with their daily routine people have less and less time for such ordinary things as shopping. And yet they still need to buy new clothes and sometimes they even need a professional advice to select the most suitable and modern pieces. 

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Top SaaS Trends & Technologies in 2021

SaaS market is young, wild and competitive. The industry is rapidly growing and keeping up with trends is quite challenging. The diversity of solutions is huge but only rare ones are genuinely original and don’t copy other existing services. Those who stay innovative succeed, those who don’t — fail. Whether you are the tech company...

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Artificial Intelligence Software Development: Benefits & Real Examples

Artificial intelligence software is widely popular and used in many business spheres. It is not something fantastic or too expensive anymore. AI developments pretend to be human assistants who help in many work processes and make them easier, faster, and more productive. Several years ago, people were amazed by voice recognition assistants that perform the...

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