How to Build a Predictive Lead Scoring?

In an age of automation and advanced analytics, relying on guesswork to find leads is the most ineffective approach. You probably don’t want to rely on this approach to build customer and lead relationships, and you certainly don’t want to rely on randomization to succeed. For this reason, you must determine the right client’s portrait,…

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sea shipment


Software for Sea Shipment Tracking

Maritime transportation of goods has been for a long time and still is a well-known and dominant industry that is a major influence on the global trade market. In fact, numerous valuable discoveries were made because professional seafarers and enthusiastic adventurers tried to find new sea trade routes.  Many years passed, numerous sea routes were...

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Artificial Intelligence Software Development: Benefits & Real Examples

Artificial intelligence software is widely popular and used in many business spheres. It is not something fantastic or too expensive anymore. AI developments pretend to be human assistants who help in many work processes and make them easier, faster, and more productive. Several years ago, people were amazed by voice recognition assistants that perform the...

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