drone for agricultural use




Drone Mapping Software for Agriculture Development

The world’s population is projected to hit 9 billion people by the end of 2050. Naturally, food consumption will rise accordingly. Experts suggest a nearly 70% growth in demand for agricultural products and this is an optimistic forecast considering the overall shortage of cultivated areas and climate change. Such high demand is pushing agriculture industry…

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How to Create the Smart Farmers App


How to Create the Smart Farmers App

Mankind has been practicing agriculture for thousands of years. It has been slightly developing in the early ages, but we can also state the rapid growth in the last 200 years. People have added numerous technologies to improve the farming process and make it more efficient. Now, mankind has an incredible opportunity to implement artificial intelligence...

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Top AgTech Startups with Inspiring App Ideas

The AgTech is an ever-growing industry. But, strangely, it stays undervalued by entrepreneurs. Or maybe it even lacks creativity, which shaves away competition out of the industry. Crunchbase lists only 1,500 Agriculture-related companies compared to 3,500 companies from Transportation, where the titans like Uber, Lyft, and Didi run the show. In the meantime, a closer...

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