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Future Belongs to IoT – Spectacles 3 from Snap

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  • by Igor
  • Updated on August 16, 2019
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Snap announced Spectacles 3, a newer version of its original IoT product. We became one step closer to Black Mirror being a reality. The interactive ultra-fashionable glasses now have a second camera and are designed to satisfy customers that like to look original and stand out as tech-stylish fashion pioneers.

Here are the specs of the new Spectacles:

  • HD camera with depth perception
  • Two colors “carbon” and “mineral”
  • Lightweight steel frame, adjustable tips, tinted lenses
  • 4GB storage
  • USB-C
  • Photo resolution 1,642 x 1,642 pixels
  • Video resolution 1,216 x 1,216
  • 3D viewer
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

But the most outrageous thing is the price of the new device – $380. That is twice the price of the previous model which didn’t sell well. Snap representatives claim that its primary goal is to sell the new IoT device to a small niche of loyal Snapchat users that want to look fashionably. Moreover, Snap.Inc does that to experiment with AR and gain expertise, collecting vital costumer data for future operations.

Most users were unsatisfied with Spectacles and Spectacles 2, giving it negative to mixed reviews. But the company’s strong desire to continue working in this direction shows a tendency that isn’t going anywhere in the nearest future – the popularity of IoT. We now have autonomous vehicles and … facial hardware product for social media, so welcome to the future.

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Igor is a content manager at GBKSOFT who strongly believes in the amazing possibilities of IT renaissance. He is personally interested in how high tech can benefit business and improve marketing to make internet great again

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