drophook case study

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Drophook Case Study Arrives!

One more project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Meet Drophook – a web & mobile social network for fishing lovers.

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time will tell case study

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Time Will Tell Case Study Arrives!

New mobile project joins our portfolio! Meet Time Will Tell, social messaging app. Time Will Tell is a time capsulation app, allowing users to send photo video and text messages that can only be opened at a set date. You can also send messages to your future self! 

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aviation study guide case in portfolio

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Aviation Study Guide Case Study Arrives!

New iOS project joins our portfolio! Check out Aviation Study Guide, educational mobile app. The “Aviation Study Guide” is an app for those who dream to fly an army helicopter. Here you can study everything about Apache AH-64D and Blackhawk UH-60A/L helicopters testing your knowledge through flashcards.

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Planes: How to Book Private Jet Flights

Flying with friends on private jets have been a luxury service available only for top 10% of the world. Still, this paradigm gradually changes. The first steps in the flight-sharing industry were made by small airlines that rent private aircraft vessels for scheduled flights on short distances.

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auxyn Social Network for Musicians

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Auxyn Case Study Arrives!

One more project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Meet Auxyn – a social network for musicians. Auxyn is a social network connecting listeners, musicians and producers. Here you can listen to music, manage a band or find a new audience to get known.

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Templates Builders and Software Architecture behind them

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Talking about Template Builders and Software Architecture behind them

Sometimes we need to build a simple landing page for marketing activities as soon as possible. But we lack time for hiring a web development company or an extra budget for this project. That’s when website template builders come in handy. 

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surf and yoga case study

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Surf & Yoga Case Study Arrives!

New web project joins our portfolio! Meet Surf & Yoga, web booking platform for surfing and yoga lovers. Surf & Yoga is a web platform where users can share their knowledge in surfing or yoga or find instructors all over the world.

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Location-based Social Mobile App Sparkle

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Sparkle Case Study Arrives!

New mobile project joins our portfolio! Check out Sparkle, location-based social instant chat. Sparkle is an app where users can find public chats nearby or at their exact location and join them. Killing time on the internet turned into the possibility to meet new people and turn neighbors into friends.

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meet us on web summit

Company News

Meet us at Web Summit in Next Year

We are happy to announce that GBKSOFT is coming to Lisbon to present our company at Web Summit 2018 for the first time! Meet Irina and Alexey to discuss the IT market trends and get acquainted with our company.

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back end developer work


What Does a Back-End Developer Do and Why Your Project Needs One

Here’s a short back-end developer definition to kickstart this topic. A back-end developer is a programmer who defines core computational logic of your application or website. This type of specialists is responsible for the creation of inner functions and features of the app which then are accessed by a user through a front-end interface.  ...

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