How to Demonstrate Your Product with Virtual Reality

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How to Demonstrate Your Product with Virtual Reality

Generally, Virtual Reality is considered to be the technology used only for entertainment and games. However, many brands understand the power of VR and try to use it for marketing purposes. Besides an obvious desire to use this trendy technology, companies have additional compelling advantages such as full immersion, which leads to better remembering and…

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How to Manage a Remote Team

Changes are a part of the way of our life. For the fundamental changes, there has to pass a long period of time, but this year showed us the opposite. In the past couple of months, we’ve seen remote work ramp up because of the virus outbreak. Most companies are adapted to the new trend...

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HVAC app development


Development of Apps for HVAC Technicians

Let’s face the truth, you are the person who makes it happen. The person who makes plan, takes fire, electrical power, chemical compounds, water and converts that into invisible comfort granted by air conditioning. Millions of households take it for granted every day.

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Smart Devices on the Guard of Your Health in quarantine Time

The coronavirus outbreak bombed all media. You may barely find someone who doesn’t know about this terrible monster that keeps the entire world in fear. More than half of million people were infected and about 23 thousand were killed by this virus. It’s vital to detect early symptoms of COVID-19 and to consult a doctor....

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GBKSOFT – Your reliable Outstaff team

Is this blog post was written to sell? – Yes! Because we have a GREAT deal for you – 30% for an hourly rate! Does your company or digital agency experience a lack of workforce? Or maybe you need more employees to finish an urgent project? Do you feel that you could take even more...

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What Technology Do You Need to Build a Travel App?

Traveling becomes not just a hobby but a lifestyle for many people. Travel bloggers, people on vacations, those who travel for business, they all have one common feature – smartphone is their second self. People today are used to search, book and buy everything online and they don’t want to change it while traveling. Since...

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How to Integrate PayPal payment Gateway to your Website

Whether you are using a website to sell goods or services the choice of the right payment system may directly affect your conversion rates. Needless to say, that competition in the e-commerce sector is high and it is always a good idea to process customer’s payments through your own web page instead of relying on...

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POS system iPad


Point of Sale System for Cafes and Restaurants

Restaurant business is the most profitable and yet challenging one. Restaurant and cafe owners have to manage numerous processes and sometimes they do not have either time or resources to do this properly. That is why software optimization is a must for this business.  Investing in technology such as mobile-based POS system for restaurants can...

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StartUp App Ideas

Is It a Good Idea to Build Uber for Cleaners?

Mobile presence means a lot these days, therefore many companies and startupers consider going digital. This is the easiest way to reach out to your customers, keep them engaged, offer them better services and experience. Almost every business (the size doesn’t really matter) needs a mobile application, and on-demand services niche is not an exception....

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StartUp App Ideas

Quarantine Boosted Popularity of Resale Marketplaces

Quarantine made people from all over the world stay at home for more than a month. This is quite a long period of time and everyone is desperately searching for interesting things to do. Some people keep working remotely, others just read books, watch movies or learn something new online. But the first thing almost...

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