Location-based Social Mobile App Sparkle

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Sparkle Case Study Arrives!

New mobile project joins our portfolio! Check out Sparkle, location-based social instant chat. Sparkle is an app where users can find public chats nearby or at their exact location and join them. Killing time on the internet turned into the possibility to meet new people and turn neighbors into friends.

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meet us on web summit

Company News

Meet us at Web Summit in Next Year

We are happy to announce that GBKSOFT is coming to Lisbon to present our company at Web Summit 2018 for the first time! Meet Irina and Alexey to discuss the IT market trends and get acquainted with our company.

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back end developer work


What Does a Back-End Developer Do and Why Your Project Needs One

Here’s a short back-end developer definition to kickstart this topic. A back-end developer is a programmer who defines core computational logic of your application or website. This type of specialists is responsible for the creation of inner functions and features of the app which then are accessed by a user through a front-end interface.  ...

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courserooms educational platform

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CourseRooms Case Study Arrives!

New web project in our portfolio is waiting for your attention! Meet CorseRooms – an educational web platform. CourseRooms is a perfect place for students to learn new skills in different areas. Instructors on their part can share experience and gain money.

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How Using Software Can Reduce Human Errors


How Using Software Can Reduce Human Errors

No matter what business you are in, everything depends on people. Though technologies have moved forward many things still partly or entirely dependent on people. Not all the tasks can be completed by machines. Humans still possess the qualities that computers lack, but at the same time, people tend to make mistakes. Just because they can.

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farming business app


How to Improve your Farming Business with Software App

Agricultural business has been around since the very beginning of human civilization. Unfortunately, 80% of all farmers do not make use of latest technological advancements and software products available on the market. Why farming business stays ignorant about existing software products and mobile app? Turns out that agriculture is a far more individualized business than...

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christmas time

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Christmas Mood at GBKSOFT

Christmas is almost here and we, in GBKSOFT, are preparing to spend this festive time with joy in our hearts! Our team has achieved a lot thanks to You, our clients. We thank you for choosing us as a software partner for your project! We wish you a great holiday season! Take time to think...

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how to predict client needs using big data


How to Predict Your Clients’ Needs Using Big Data?

Conversions are the result of great customer experience. Good sales lead to good incomes, which are, after all, the main purpose of any business. Now, when the secret ingredient of success is known, one small thing left is creating that ideal customer experience.

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The best Christmas Apps to get more Holiday sales

Marketing Tips

The best Christmas Apps to get more Holiday sales

Holiday preparation is a perfect run away from daily routine. But how to make your Christmas greetings unique and attractive in today’s rapidly changing global context?

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how to raise money for mobile app startup

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Guide to Raising Money for Mobile App Startup

Being a startuper is so attractive today. But unfortunately, not all the startupers can watch their projects flourish. Some have problems with getting investments and some with their wise usage.

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