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Why Do You Need Custom Business Automation Solutions?

It is hard to overestimate the importance of office automation tools. They offer every business an opportunity to save money and time, improve service quality and increase the level of customer satisfaction. 

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StartUp App Ideas

The Age of Mobile E-Learning Platforms: Classroom and Library in Your Pocket

What can be more important than education? We learn our whole lives and this is by far single most crucial process of all. As the saying goes, education never ends and there is no reason for it to stop because, frankly, the more you know, the more you discover there’s still an infinity of unknown...

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UX Goals for Designers to Achieve in 2020

The main purpose of UX design remains unchanged since the concept of user experience arose on the horizon. Giving users what they need in the most pleasant way possible is the global mission of all UX designers all over the world. Yet, the ways this mission is accomplished are not even close that stable.

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Uber for Babysitting

StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Babysitting: Mobile App to Find a Nanny Nearby

Uber for Babysitting: Finds Best Sitter for Your Kids Every parent has an emergency situation when they need to leave kids at home for a couple of hours or even days. Each of us can have such problem once in awhile. Furthermore, many parents have a constant need in a reliable sitter to stay with...

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Do You Need a Trading Application?

Trading has become a popular business niche and its popularity grows each year. People eagerly invest their money in stocks and those who are doing it successfully and for a long time cannot stay aside of all appearing technologies. Digital market is full of numerous trading applications and platforms allowing you to perform investing easier. ...

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How to Boost Your Business With a Mobile App?

All technology trends constantly change and web presence is already not enough for a successful business owner. To keep any business growing and to make more profit, such powerful tool as a mobile app is required. It is impossible to imagine even one day of our life without a mobile phone and numerous applications that...

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How to Go Digital And Build Your App in 2020?

It is impossible to imagine a modern world without apps in 2020. There is an application for everything – ordering food, catching a ride, booking tickets, shopping, communicating, selling and buying products and services. And while users benefit from such a variety  of tools, startupers and businesses face hard times. It is almost impossible to...

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GBKSOFT is Named a Top AngularJS Developer 2019

We are proud to announce that GBKSOFT was listed among the Top AngularJS developers.

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How Software Helps Businesses Overcome Fulfillment Challenges

If you are a small business owner who is involved in the supply chain, then you probably know how challenging order fulfillment process can be. It’s not just about packaging the goods, sticking labels and sending the packages to your customers. You should be able to store all those goods somewhere, keep a comprehensive inventory...

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How to Build a Photo-Sharing App For Android/iOS

Photo-sharing apps are among the most popular types of apps. It is known that when a certain kind of app becomes a huge success, its features and functionality gain popularity as well. Photo-sharing is a simple process. Usually, it requires just a possibility of image hosting and photo exchange while also allowing to start discussions...

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