Alternative ways to use Iphone X Facial Recognition


Alternative Ways to use iOS Facial Recognition Technology

iPhone X facial recognition is undeniably one of the most controversial features that Apple added to their flagship phone. Some consider it to be the most innovative technology of 2018 and some fall into paranoia about protection of their identity. In this article, we are going to discuss the possible ways of using this cutting-edge technology…

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What is Git and How to Use It?


What is Git and How to Use It?

While browsing information on web development you must have stumbled phrases like “git version”, “merge git to master”, and other git-related texts. But what does Git mean? Well, everyone who’s up to development eventually learns the devs slang and technical definitions. One finds the information on the internet, and those who work with us, have...

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One-person Businesses: How to Make an App Startup Alone

Those from tech industry like to say: humans don’t scale. And in some cases, it is 100% true. Such companies are usually called one-person businesses. Apart from the salary, employees require a bunch of additional perks like office space, bathrooms, health insurance, and supervisor that also requires perks. Which is why some projects and businesses...

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4K video standard

UI and Design

The Future of 4K Content and App Development Upgrades Needed

Have you already thought about buying a 4K UHD display? Hopefully, as prices have plummeted, 11% percent of household in the U.S. plan to purchase a UHD TV in the upcoming year. Maybe you’re planning too. But if you have a mobile or web app you probably didn’t think much about new resolution standards.Based on...

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How to Keep the Faith in Progressive Web Apps with New Android Oreo Update?

A recent presentation of Android 8 (knows as Android Oreo) and consequent total solar eclipse cast a shadow on Progressive Web Apps. How could it be to have all Android Oreo Features in PWAs?

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We are in Top 10 of Ukraine app developers

Company News

GBKSOFT hits TOP 10 UA app development companies in AppFutura’s chart.

We are glad to announce that GBKSOFT hits AppFutura’s TOP 10 list, as one of the best mobile app development companies in Ukraine.

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uber for buses

StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Buses: Easy Bus Renting Service for Events

Uber for Buses: App for quick Bus Hiring Making a road trip with friends on a rented bus have always been a fun thing, but not for those who are actually responsible for trip planning. Bus renting service is widely available but still, requires too many efforts from potential audience. This fact and that buses...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Cargo: Delivery Has Never Been Easier

Connect track drivers and cargo owners through simple and straightforward mobile app. Imagine a mobile application that will allow delivery of products and heavy loads all over the world for a fraction of the price that it costs now.

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Bootstrapped: How to Drive a Startup Without Investors

So, you want to make it on your own. No venture capital. No investors. No cold-hearted corporate CEO. Just you, your idea, personal savings and, maybe, an intimate little team of people you can trust. Well, then you should definitely get to know a bootstrap theory. The one that may suit your intentions. Because if...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Cryptocurrency: Marketplace, Exchange or Sharing App IDEAS

Our team get many app development requests and found them to be slightly vague. At the moment we have a couple of different scenarios what functionality such app can have. Please tell us which one looks like your idea so that we could stick to it during the estimation of your project.

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