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Before you Start: Online Mentoring Platform Development

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Online Mentoring Platfrom

Have you thought about creating an Online Mentoring Platform? Or maybe a mentoring app? Perhaps you have anticipated some business risks and marketing challenges related to the promotion of such a project.

But have you ever thought about software requirements and all those tech challenges that may wait for you around the corner? We do think about building an online mentoring app. And here are our thoughts on this matter, starting from the very first question: Who is a mentor?

  1. Target Audience of Mentoring Apps
  2. Mentor Search App Development
  3. Geolocation
  4. Industry / Business Model
  5. Types of Mentorship
  6. Business Exit
  7. Achievements
  8. Messaging & Video Streaming

Target Audience of Mentoring Apps

A mentor is someone who has already achieved a type of success you desire and is willing to help you achieve it yourself. A mentor offers their advice and insights for free, if you’re paying for it then that person qualifies as a consultant. A mentor just wants to see you succeed because at some level they see themselves in you.

Win-Win Nature of Mentorship

Of course, before you can get a mentor you should put some work first. You should have the desire to improve, to master a discipline, and have a great potential which will attract a mentor.

But one need to stress out here that it is hard for both sides. Whether you are searching for a mentor or an apprentice, the bar is exceptionally high.

Finding a mentor is equally hard as finding an apprentice.

We found this challenge interesting and started to think how would we connect two sides in the most efficient way. Eventually, based on our previous experience, we’ve made a little research for a Mentor Search App that would connect mentors and apprentices.

Mentor Search App Development

Each and every app plays around primary use case and functions that support it. Whether it’s Uber or Airbnb, or Sea App, app developers always focus on the main use case that provides value to the user.

Mentoring Search App use case is simple:

  • User gets in and chooses Mentor/Apprentice side.
  • Sets filters, navigates the map.
  • Familiarize with mentor/apprentice information.
  • Contacts the other side via message or video call.
  • Books the meeting, video call.

Hereafter we’ll get along the main building blocks that would support this use case scenario.


Mentors and people who previously had a mentor agree that the ideal candidate would be someone from their geography, city, state, or country. This is very important because only during the personal meeting the full potential of the mentor is revealed.
Geolocation functionality can be even brought to the first or second screen of the app. Just consider making a pre-roll page which will sort out if the user is a mentor or an apprentice.


We’ve implemented this strategy in Surf&Yoga project. It proved to be an effective way to direct traffic streams. This way we divided app into two independent use cases.

Industry / Business Model

Another important criterion while searching for a mentor is an industry match. Say, if you’re from construction you won’t get any benefit from a dentist. People always seek someone from their niche.

The ideal mentor is someone who’s already created and sold a company in the same industry and is now done with it. The mentor search app can also serve people who are running in a similar business model with a way higher stakes but in another niche.

Mentor Search App Filters

  • Industry & Specialisation
  • Professional Background
  • Business Model Familiarity

Types of Mentorship

There are three types of mentoring, each with its own advantages and weak sides. Your app should allow users to choose what kind of mentorship they’re up to:

  • Individual mentoring – The most efficient mentoring, where all the problems and experience is shared in a private manner.
  • Group mentoring  – This kind of mentoring proved to be extremely efficient among people who seek extra motivation and need extra inspiration support along their journey.
  • Collective mentoring – This kind of mentoring is somehow similar to networking and group therapy. By using this format users can find apprentices with similar business problems and support each other. If this format is selected the app will search for mentors who’re running similar business model but in different industries.

Business Exit

We should stress out that it is super important to have a mentor that can look at the business from the outside. A true mentor is a person who won’t become your potential competitor or a customer, but someone who’s already made an exit and has no personal reasons.

Surveys found that 80% of business owners who seek mentorship consider mentors that are still operating a business in their niche as one of the top factors. Therefore, you mentor search app should have a dedicated checkbox called something like “Business Exit”.


This is one of the most important pieces of information the app should collect. Unfortunately, professional are rarely boast about their achievements publically. Therefore the app should keep this info in private until the very last moment before apprentice contacts with a mentor. Think of this filter as the last step in the user journey.

Another approach is to curate the list of mentors. You can add them only after private research, where you (as an app owner) will manually validate accomplishments of each representative. This way you will raise the value of your mentor app in the eyes of users.

Messaging & Video Streaming

This is a must-have function of every p2p app. Whether you’re building an Online Mentoring App or a Matching app, messaging is super important. We’ve had even made a location-based chatting chatting system that connects people based on their position.

You can use private messages as a monetization option, just like Tinder and LinkedIn makes it. Users may pay you for a first contact message or for the ability to open a mentor’s profile, where his contacts sit.

If you want to develop an online mentoring app, you should consider Live Streaming functionality. We’ve covered basics of live streaming development in this article, and made a dedicated fitness app with live streaming options.

You can also find some inspiration by surfing through our recent case study about online education platform we’ve made.

Bottom Line

Mentorship is a very unique and promising industry. It requires high expertise and clear understanding of the niche though. On the other hand, you’ll be rewarded with high revenues and stable income.

By getting into this business you’ll face a demanding audience with its very specific needs and wants. Development of mobile mentoring app may require high expertise and experience. But having a professional software team on your side with the special background will certainly clear lots of bumps from the road.

Need a Niche Expertise?



Tony Sol is the business development manager of GBKSOFT, overseeing the production of all writings for both internal blog and external platforms. He is technical-driven person always looking for new benefits of merging business and software.

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