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CRM, ECM and ERP: How your Business can Leverage from this Tools?

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How to achieve more results? How to improve the business processes in my company? We bet you ask yourself these questions. And the answer exists.

In the modern world, when everything moves so fast, the automatization of business processes is a must. Multitasking, huge flow of information and race for the best result take us to the place where we realize the need of implementing systematization of business.

Modern technologies offer such solutions as CRM, ECM and ERP systems that help to resolve this problem. In this article, we will make it plain to understand the meaning and the purposes of these systems.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer relationship management) – is a software for organizations designed to achieve such goals:

  • Increase profits: control the client’s flow and keep them loyal to your brand.
  • Brand promotion: optimize marketing and analyze results.
  • Automate a teamwork: create and improve business processes. Improve customer service by storing customer information and the history of relationships with them.

All businesses now put great money to acquisition and retention of each and every client. An average lead costs about $300-500 depending on the industry. If you don’t control the flow of incoming calls and requests from the website, email, etc, some of them may be lost. That means you will waste all the money and efforts spent on their acquisition.

But what if we tell you that CRM system can organize all the workflow for you and bring incomes?
Customer Relationship Management-System

Benefits of customer relationship management systems:

  • Control the work of employees.
  • Create procedure standards.
  • Record all the incoming calls, emails, and other contacts.
  • Create one database of all leads (clients).
  • Get the statistics and analytics to the efficiency of work with leads.

When you decide to start using the CRM, it’s very important to choose the one that suits your company best. It must contain all the needed functions and features and very important (!) – to be comprehensive to staff. The main reason why CRM can fail – is because managers don’t want to change the method of work they are used to since they are too confused about new system.

TIP: dedicate a day to present the new CRM and teach every person how to use it. Make such masterclass for every newcomer.

How do CRMs differ?

  • SaaS (software as a service) – in this case, all the system and data will be located on the server of a service provider. You get online access to the system through the browser, desktop program or mobile application. All processes occur on the side of the service provider.
  • Standalone – solution that is installed on your own server and can be modified to your needs, depending on the capabilities provided by the CRM system provider.

SaaS can be a perfect solution for small businesses because you don’t need to spend extra time and money for hiring a developer and admin to look after the CRM. But in this case, you don’t have the freedom to customize the system as you wish and get only suggested features.

On the other hand, when you have bigger business, you should think of developing your own fully customized CRM. Obtain the possibility to get the functions that exactly meet your business goals.

What is the meaning of ECM and how to use it?

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) — automated multi-user systems to manage digital documents and other types of corporate content to store and share documents within the organization. ECM includes many functions: the storage of documents, records, knowledge base, audit logs, events, works, etc., their management. Enterprise Content Management

Benefits of ECM systems:

  • Transparency of business processes. Allows the management team to control all the activity of the company.
  • Increase of the performance discipline. Using ECM, employees can track the status of every document or task.
  • Insurance of information confidentiality. Allows to assign permissions (read, edit, sign etc.) in order to avoid information leakage.

Why you Need a ECM System Development?

You don’t need to waste time for the bureaucracy like signing the document via several members. ECM also helps to track which stage the needed document or task is on. Generally, this system is demanded in big companies with large stuff and document flow.

Due to the growing need in data management by enterprises, ECMs tend to become a required software for businesses.

But remember that ECM can not only bring order to the workflow but also chaos if you choose the system that does not suit your business.

What is ERP system and how it works?

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) – is an integrated company management system that combines the resources of the enterprise according to various business units.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Benefits and missions of ERP:

  • Integration of the financial information. ERP merges all financial data together.
  • Establishment of standards for production processes. Actual for large enterprises having remote branches that may use different accounting methods and computer systems.
  • Establishment of standards for human resources. ERP helps to track working time of all the personnel and their effectiveness.

With ERP you can easily access the necessary information, and the combined system helps to reduce the number of working personnel and simplify accounting processes.

The lack of clear and reliable system of internal planning and control, integrated with the external Internet solution, dooms the company to failure.

The main goal of ERP is to reduce the possibility of human mistake.


Organized work with personnel and clients, increased workflow efficiency, increased profits… These are the desired results of all businessmen. No wonder that so many companies want to automate their business as soon as possible. But it may be not that easy to do it right.

The ready-made systems often include many functions that are not needed for your company (so you overpay) and only mess the mind of users (employees). Or vice versa they may lack some important features.

Imagine the business tool designed to solve the problem of YOUR business, automate processes of YOUR business… Such tool exists and can be yours!

We consider the development of your personal business management tools to be the best solution.

Here are the reasons why:

  • Customized specifically to your business needs.
  • Easy to use.
  • You pay only for features you need.
  • Possibility to add more and more functions.
  • Pay once for the development (not monthly like in ready-made tools) and use without any limits.

Contact us to get more information and fully customized tool!

Elena Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.

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