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How to Make your Office Smart Using IoT

Nov 13, 2017
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smart office using iot

Internet of things has already sneaked into our houses. It can control almost everything starting from the floor temperature, curtains position, and the door locks, ending with making coffee when you have just woken up. Being surrounded by smart devices at home, why not to move them into the office and bring automatization to everyday workflow?

How can IoT technologies make your office really smart?

Smart office IoT space is not just a new trend – it’s a modern way of thinking that brings a diversity of opportunities. Bringing technologies to the physical work environment can automate everyday routine and optimize the way we work.

So what are the features of a smart office and how to be smart in office life organization?

Internet of things.

This technology is made to control physical devices using internet. Nowadays internet is a basic technology, present in every office, so why not to use it in a brand new way? With the help of IoT, we can reduce the daily routine of every employee and save time for the efficient work.

Smart ID

Lot’s of companies use badges for giving employees access to different zones like office buildings, parking, meeting rooms, storages or any other secure areas. Programming or changing permissions for each badge takes time and does not give the total security. For example, an employee can lose his badge or someone can take it to reach the secure area. But with connecting badges to smartphone, any risks are brought to the minimum. An admin can remotely manage the restrictions and change the available zones for each employee and store all the data within one office IoT app

Connect PC with smartphone

Creating the corporate internet of things applications, companies can turn employees’ smartphones into portable offices. You can reach your PC virtually and manage documents, print them, turn the PC on and off and receive notifications to your smartphone if something goes wrong.

Smart meeting room

Most white collars hate meetings and consider them to be a waste of time. Watching boring presentations, sending files to each employee afterward, all this takes hours. How to avoid such time loss? Using IoT, you can connect all the smartphones and PCs within one enterprise and send the materials automatically, only chosen right employees. That will allow to book meeting rooms in a few clicks and invite participants, by sending notifications to their smartphones. Smart house’s equipment can turn the light on when the first person enters the meeting room, connect laptop to the projector, and when the meeting ends, turn off all the supplies when the last person leaves the room. All these manipulations minimize any delays when performed automatically. This is one of the most lucrative fields where many IoT ideas for office can born.

smart office technologies

Save energy resources

Not only the time-saving but also an energy saving is the result of bringing technologies into our daily life. Companies are always aiming to improve cost savings and business performance and energy saving IoT app ideas are prospected to draw most interest among investors.

Do you remember how often do people forget to turn off the light when leaving the room or office appliances which are on all day long even if nobody uses them? Smart lighting connected with IoT sensors, devices managing humidity, temperature and climate control and keeping an optimal office environment – it’s not the future anymore. Just imagine how much power can be saved using smart environment systems!  

Reducing bills for electricity – done.

technologies making smart office

IoT office supplies

Monday morning, you turn on the office coffee machine and realize that you run out of coffee beans. Sounds familiar and frustrating, isn’t it? Implementing IoT, make it control the stock of coffee, tea, water or any products and automatically order new from the delivery company. We can bet, your office manager will only thank you for saving this time for more important tasks.

Smart warehousing

Not only typical offices can use data-driven technology to improve the management processes. Businesses related to warehousing, storing or manufacturing can connect scanners to smart devices or PC to facilitate tracking all the inventory items. Besides simple tracking, new technologies can also analyze and manage all the data. Now workers can spend the time, saved by IoT to managing other important tasks, that only human can deal with.


The internet of things and smart offices not only empower things but also boost productivity by saving time for doing work, that computer can’t do. It’s time to use all the potential of modern technologies and improve collaboration, managing resources, energy saving, space and facilities management and employees productivity on a par with reducing operational costs. Sound seductive?

Contact us, if you decided to make your office smart!


Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.

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