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How to Create Hype Around the Mobile App?

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building hype around apps

Have you ever heard about the TikTok or Pokémon GO? Or about a new iPhone Pro? We bet you’ve heard. And millions of people all around the world have heard. But why are they so famous while others apps or smartphones are less recognizable?

The reason is hype built around these products. But what is Hype?

>What is Hype?

Hype – is a marketing trick when a product is positioning as a must-have and is advertised in such a manner, that consumers begin feeling they really need it. We understand hype as a successful stimulation of interest to any phenomenon or event among specific target audiences with specific objectives.

The word “hype” comes from the word “hyperbole”, “exaggeration”. Initially, the word “hype” was used in the sense of “deliberately warming the interest to anything.” For example, new movie, news, service or product. Today it’s often used in the sense of “agiotage” when it comes to a sudden surge of interest in something, usually temporary.

Another version of how did this definition appeared is given by Douglas Rushkoff in his book Media Virus!: Hidden Agendas in Popular Culture. He claims hype to be the main method of work in US media. The word “hype” was used as an abbreviation of “hypodermic needle” meaning the euphoria and addiction to information.

How does Hype work in marketing?

By its essence, hype is very similar to buzz, and marketers adore using this technique of promotion. What’s cool about hype is that you start it intentionally, but with time, it begins “living its own life”. The second advantage of using hype effect in promotion is making your target audience obsessed with your product even before they actually get it. Agree, it’s easier to sell something that is already known and popular than to sell a brand unknown product.

So how does hype work in marketing? Being focused on increasing the word-of-mouth potential and growing the brand awareness, it grows in social media platforms as a rule. The main goal is making the audience talking about the new product that leads to the online traffic growth and increases sales and profits.

influence marketingTalking about social media, here the main triggers are “influencers” or “opinion leaders”. The common practice is making them the early adopters by sending them the product for review before the actual launch. Having the large target audience and established the online presence on different social media platforms, influencers can share their opinion about the product and warm up the interest to it due to the powerful influence they got on their followers.

For example, the best way to reach the millennials is promoting the product via influencer marketing as they are more disposed to influencers and brands due to the constant usage of mobile devices.

How to create Hype around your app?

Let’s say, you have an awesome idea of a mobile app but how to make it really viral? The truth is, creating hype and buzz around your app must be a well-planned marketing process, otherwise, it will fail. It has an equal importance as an app development itself.

Following the special guidelines in your marketing strategy, you can be sure, your app will receive in all its glory:

Set the launch date and don’t miss it. Setting the real date of an app launch is very important because you may lose the trust of your potential clients by missing the scheduled date. Especially if you plan to connect it with some real-life event.

Built the online presence. Online activity is a must have for promoting an app, because all the target audience is actually online. Use all the channels available to reach the potential users and communicate with them to maintain interest in your app. Start marketing your app on the early stages and maintain the close relationship with the potential users to make them aware of the value of your app.

promoting an app

Website. Create a website or even a landing page will help you not only to present your app to the world but also collect the user’s data. Here you can gather emails to use them in the future email marketing campaign. Moreover, uploading your app to the App Store or Google Play requires the website of this app. Try to launch the website as soon as possible to have enough time for marketing.

Social media. Create the accounts on the most important social media networks where your target audience spends lots of time. Write about the development process and warm up the interest via posting some teasers. Social media is the most friendly channel where users are eager to share information and are more likely to engage with our content. Using Facebook or Instagram for your marketing, you can start the advertising campaign as these platforms possess the rich facilities for targeting the most relevant audience.

social media marketing

Appear on related forums/platforms. Find the most appropriate and niche communities for promoting your future app. You can build trust within such platforms and gain the feedback about your idea. Use these feedbacks to improve some features and make the users feel that you really care.

Create attractive marketing materials. Appearing on different platforms with the information about your future app will not be noticed unless you attract attention by the creative materials like screenshots, teasers, trailers. Tell the story of your app, describe how it will change users lives, develop the slogan that will reach the audience’s feelings.

Attend development events. Attending the relevant meetups, conventions or any other events brings the positive result as here you can get connections with press, your target audience and even find investors for the current project or for the next one. Collect the feedbacks about your app to see what changes you can implement to increase the future profits.

Establish press connections + influencers / opinion leaders. Promoting your app without the help of external resources will not bring you the wanted result. Establishing the close connections with press or any other media will expand the audience reach. Don’t hesitate to contact bloggers who make app reviews or have the same target audience as you do. With the creative approach to such collaborations, you can create hype around your app within social media.

hype around apps

Collect feedbacks and encourage social media shares. When your app is already launched, it’s time to ask your users to leave feedback on your app. Propose some extra features or any other special candies in exchange for social media shares. Remember the real fans of your app will share it without having some extra points.

Final thoughts

You have to understand that building hype around your app is not just a stroke of good luck, a very precious and hard work is hidden behind all the buzz. At the same time, you have to be very careful and not to give too many details about your app before the launch. Remember, that creating hype is about what features it MIGHT have, not what it actually has. Keeping the audience in suspense is the best strategy to be desired. 


So if you have an idea of an amazing app and want to launch it like a boss, we are here to develop it for you!

Elena Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.
Alexandra Rostovtseva Being a proficient leader with over 10 years of experience in Project and Product Management, Business Development and Sales, I have strong skills in Negotiations, Crisis, Client and Risk management. Being an outstanding communicator I’m also a good mentor and leader in the tech industry. Experience and expertise are the key foundations in my ability to provide deep insights into the industry and as result I’ve also been published or was a contributor to several tech and business articles.

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