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How to Create a Sports Betting Web Platform

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  • March 30, 2021
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Sports Betting is a popular industry to build a highly profitable business. For instance, there are more than 100.000 people working in the gambling industry all over the UK. If so many people serve the numerous casinos, bingo, and betting shops you can figure out the number of bettors visiting these places daily.

There are several reasons why sports betting is popular in the UK. The first reason – it’s legal here. Second – the British are known to be sports, lovers, for years. Soccer, cricket, horse racing, rugby, and tennis are the favourite sports here. The last one – bookmakers can be met on each step in Britain.

Now, betting is also available on desktop and mobile devices (iOS and Android). So, what do you need to create a sports betting website project?

Features of the Sports Betting Website

Generally, features of the betting platform can be divided into two groups: for the platform owner and for visitors. Owners get the statistics, get their profits from each bet placed (in the form of the percent), and get the database of the clients, which can be used for marketing. End-users, or bettors, on the other hand, get the place to watch games online, read the latest sports news, place bets, learn new tips, and communicate with their soulmates.

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Sports News

Sports fans and especially those who bet on sports need to stay up to date. That’s why they have to read a lot of news on the latest events and browse through numerous sources to get as much information as possible. Placing a bet should be considered, right?

So, why wouldn’t you keep all those fans closer to your business? You can provide sports news directly on your betting website so that users can learn the scores and place a bet in a few clicks without leaving the platform.

Watching games online

The news is good, but you can even go further and let your users watch the games directly on your betting website. Creating such an all-in-one platform would be surely appreciated by the regular visitors and attract new ones. Making informed betting decisions has never been easier.  

By the way, taking into consideration the latest trend of live-streaming, adding this feature can also attract younger users. For example, you can collaborate with sports bloggers who can live-stream the important events mentioning your platform. Or you can also broadcast them directly on the website of yours.

Betting tips

Share some tips, trends, and rules of betting with your users so that not only professional bettors would be interested in visiting your website. This useful information can also attract those users who are willing to try their luck for the first time and place a bet on any kind of sports. Telling them how to do it right turns them into loyal clients who can feel secure when betting with you.

Placing bets

This is the main feature of any betting website, isn’t it? Therefore, this function must be as easy and as fast as possible. How to make betting seamless? Firstly, set up the payment system so that users don’t have to enter their banking card details each time. Next, add as many types of bets as possible to provide users with the wide choice and opportunities to win money. You can also enable public betting so that people stay aware of popular trends and have a chance to join them. This feature might be very handy for newcomers who don’t know all the secrets yet. They can join the popular vote to ensure the victory. You can also highlight the potential amount of money that can be won in case of betting on different votes. For example, if the bet is not popular, the potential gain is higher but so are the risks.


Trying to figure out how to make a sports betting website, don’t underestimate the power of communities. Creating one on your web betting platform can bring you much more profits than you planned to gain.

For instance, users can watch games, comment, discuss, and share their reviews. Adding more social functions you can create a strong community of sports lovers. Such people like to argue with each other, debate on games, bets, and players. Spending more time on the platform of like-minded people, they would probably bet right here rather than search for the new betting websites.

Things to consider when building a betting website

If you decided that the betting industry is just for you, there are some crucial things that can surprise you.

Gambling license. Betting business is legal only if you got the license from the Gambling Commission. We have experience assisting our clients in getting this document. Generally, this process takes about half a year so don’t delay it.
Dedicated server. Since the number of users is going to increase, you have to choose the scalable server that can leverage the volume.
Merchant account. Gambling websites require the special merchant account for secure credit card processing and gateway. Choose wisely.

Cost of developing a betting app like William Hill


The development cost for creating a high-end betting app has a range of $35,000 to $60,000 based on a number of features.



Sports betting is like a piece of cake for those who want to start a business in Gambling. Despite the opportunity to become a part of this billion pounds industry, you have to remember that the competition is extremely high. If you want to become a star, a lot of hard work must be done. And we are here to help you pass this way to success.

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