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How to Build Soccer Betting App

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How to Build Soccer Betting App

Betting has a long history, especially in the UK, where the industry generates almost £14bn revenue yearly. This prosperous market attracts new players from multiple sectors where gambling is possible. Financial and sports betting, casino, and others have already gone online, though brick and mortar places are still relevant. We’ll take a closer look at the digital face of betting industry.

Which platform to choose?

Having decided to build a mobile app for sports betting, many can’t choose whether to build iOS or Android version first. Such situation often occurs when the budget is limited and two apps at the same time are costly. Therefore, we conducted a small research of the mobile OS market in the United Kingdom and found out that iOS has the leading position with 53% of users in 2018. But don’t rush ahead, take a closer look. From our experience, the targeted audience of betting platforms (worldwide) prefers to use Android phones.

How to create soccer betting app for Bookbreakrs

Soccer is known to be among the most popular sports in the UK, so choosing it for your mobile betting app is surely a good idea. Despite the number of competitors, it’s possible to stand out due to the unique features or betting methods that provide users with the seamless experience.

football betting app development

Features of the soccer betting app:

and identity verification

The basic feature of signing up an account has to be simple and quick, for example, using the existing social media accounts or email. In addition, you’d better make an additional verification by phone number, to make sure this is a real user betting. This feature might be both obligatory or not.

But identity verification is a must-have function since it’s required by law to bet online in the UK. Age verification is the primary reason as you must be 18 to gamble in the UK. The next reason is protection from fraud and money-laundering.

Welcome bonus

Offering new users a small bonuses is a standard practice in the niche. This way you encourage them to start betting as soon as possible. But you can also reward your existing users for every 100 bets made as an example. Such loyalty rewards make users feel that you appreciate their activity and create a tight community. But don’t forget of adding an anti-fraud system, that will secure your platform from bonus abuse.

Betting tips

This section can be useful for both newbies and experienced bettors. Here you can not only explain how your app works but also define the general tips on betting. From here you can show coeficients, rates, and additional stats regarding each match.

Championships schedule

Having the schedule of all the upcoming games directly in your app keeps users with you. They don’t need to search this data somewhere on the internet that means fewer chances to lose these clients.

Allow logged-in users to see the real-time scope of all the games including Premier League, Liga, Bundesliga, EFL League 1,2 and even college leagues. You can also add the “favourites” section so that users can save the upcoming matches they are interested to bet in.

Real-time statistics

But the schedule of games is not enough as users also need to know the team’s performance in the Championship. Add the real-time data on the soccer statistics to your app to have all the data available at your fingerprints. The data can be imported from Opta or any other sports provider and be available to logged-in users as well as the schedule.

soccer betting app features

Real-time notifications

The main purpose of notifications is to send users the results of their bets.

It’s possible to notify users about the results of the matches they were betting on or just added to favorites. You can also send notifications when the new Leagues or Championships are available to bet on. Or, you can send gentle reminders to those users who didn’t use their bonuses yet or to those who are about to reach the number of bets to get the bonus.

Easy deposit and withdrawal process

One of the most important features of any betting app is the withdrawal of money, that users gained on betting. So, when choosing where to bet, users prefer to go for those apps which offer the simple and smooth method of payout. The most frequently used payment systems in such cases are Paypal and Realex. But you should not limit yourself with only a few options. It is wise to add multiple payment gateways, including WebMoney, Payoneer, Skrill, etc.

We advise checking each payment request manually by an admin in order to control the flow and avoid any fraud schemes.

Cost of developing a Soccer betting app

The development cost for creating a high-end Soccer betting app has a range of $35,000 to $60,000 per platform.


Building a soccer betting app requires the mix of patience, professionalism and experience in gambling. Why so?

Patience is needed to get the license provided by the Gambling Commission. The process of getting the license can be rather stressful and long, therefore, choosing a development team for your betting app, keep in mind those teams, who have already worked in this industry. According to our experience, it takes about half a year to get the gambling license. Therefore, having passed the way of bringing multiple changes and adding security features to such apps like Fantasy Rugger, we can now easily assist our clients on this issue.

Ready to start a game?

Elena Elena is the business analyst passionate about everything connected with startups, business ideas, and analytics. She’s aiming to find the solution for every challenge, young companies meet on their way.

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