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How the New iOS 11 Will Affect Mobile Developers?

Nov 17, 2017
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On the eve of the new iPhone presentation, we want to remind you, that all the new features and functionality means not only some fun and convenience for the users but some work on apps modification for the developers.

After the announcement of the iOS 11 at WWDC 2017, the developers got the opportunity to download and test the beta version and learn the new powerful features such as ARKit, Core ML, drag and drop, MusicKit, PDFKit,Vision etc.

So we decided to share the latest updates with you, so you know how they may impact your apps and can start working with the new features as soon as possible.

New App Store New App Store

Photo by Apple

Apple brings the brand new design to the app store in general and also new app product pages, in-app payments and functionality.

Now, opening the App Store, users will see cards, showing the daily app news from the editors, telling about the new releases, premiers and all-time favorites. Now, the developers can be featured in this section if they provide the unique and inspiring app story.

The Store is redesigned from scratch to let the programmers showcase their apps and customers to discover them easily. Improved product page now contains additional app previews (add three instead of one), localization and new text fields including subtitles and promo text.

Another significant innovation is the ability to promote in-app purchases within the App Store. Now you can promote up to 20 in-app purchases including subscriptions directly on the App Store, that gives you the extra coverage even before the app has been downloaded.

And the last but still important change is an enhanced search, making you app easy to discover by the target audience. Now search results will contain developers, in-app purchases, categories and editorial stories.

Now, simply adding the new app description and optimizing it for the new search algorithm you can improve the popularity of your app.


After the recent hype about Pokémon Go, the world appeals to the augmented reality as a new trend. That’s why the announcement of the ARKit by Apple was a remarkable event for the developers. ARKit is a framework, allowing to create unparalleled augmented reality for both iPhone and iPad so that the users can interact with AR apps in the absolutely new ways.

This feature can be used not only by game designers but also in other apps, using real world components, like showing virtual furnishing for your house by Ikea.

Machine learning using Core ML

Though machine learning is not a brand new feature for Apple, using Core ML allows you to develop more intelligent apps using the powerful framework and enhance the user’s experience. Here is the list of intelligent features, you can add to your app: face tracking, landmark and barcode detection, object tracking and image registration.

Drag and Drop

This technology is one of the most expected in iOS. Beginning from iOS11, user gets the possibility to quickly and easily move the text, images, files, contacts, reminders, maps, and more from one app to another. Now the user simply taps and holds the needed item and moves it to the other app. You can also select multiple items using the Multi-Touch.

Spring loading gives you the possibility to move the content from an opened app into an app from the Dock or Home Screen by just dragging it over the needed application.

iOS 11 design


Since the Apple Music is becoming more social, users now can share their music with friends.

At the same time, with the new MusicKit, the programmer can import the Apple Music and the local music library directly to his app or game. After the user gives his permission to his Apple Music account, an app can create playlists or play any songs from the Apple Music catalog. If the user has no Apple Music account yet, the app can offer him to try the trial directly in your app.

PDF rendering

Now, such useful features as PDF rendering, manipulation etc are available not only in OS X  but also in iOS11. This gives the users the opportunity to simply move through the PDF document, select and share content zoom in and out. The coders can find the needed code in PDFKit by Apple and make it easy to operate with the PDF document within their apps.

Update: iOS 11.1.2 Release

As for the bug fixes that came just one week after iOS 11.1.1. Hopefully, they solved some problems and drawbacks that occurred in previous iOS version. Here’re the most notable one:

  • Autocorrect bug.
  • Quick battery decay.
  • Cold weather problem.
  • Distortion in Live Photos and Video capturing.


IOS 11 opens brand new possibilities and enhanced user’s experience for both iPhone and iPad owners. At the same time, Apple once again provides developers with the new set of features they can implement in their apps. And once again those features users couldn’t even imagine a year ago.

If you have an iOS app, it’s time to think about updating it and including several new features. By the way, this update can also level up you app position in the App Store. At the same time, we strongly recommend you to work with experienced developers, as iOS 11 is the new operating system and there is still many black spots that can affect your app in a bad way.

Check out our portfolio and contact us to get your iOS app updated!


Tony Sol is the business development manager of GBKSOFT, overseeing the production of all writings for both internal blog and external platforms. He is technical-driven person always looking for new benefits of merging business and software.

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