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Health and Fitness App Development

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  • December 08, 2021
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As for mid-2017 top 3 fitness apps (Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, S Health) account 48.5 million unique U.S. users. The European market has something to say too. The total revenue of the eHealth fitness segment in Europe has surpassed $800 million over the last year. The leading countries by market value in Europe are Germany, U.K., and France.

In the meantime, fitness app market is rather mature and diversified one. You won’t win by making another do-it-all app. This niche is no longer vacant, it is occupied by such big players like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit that already run on Android and iOS devices.

On the other hand, diversity grants new opportunities. It all depends on what fitness application category you’ll choose. Here’re top health & fitness categories:

fitness app categories statistics

  • Studios and personal trainer apps.
  • Diet and nutrition apps.
  • Workout and exercise apps.
  • Activity tracking and general health apps.

Basic features suitable for all health and fitness apps

  • Personal activity info page.
  • Personal goals and progress measurements.
  • Integration with wearables.
  • Achievement or gamification functions.

Studios and Personal Trainer Apps

personal trainer

If you’re a personal trainer or a gym owner you may have already thought about creating your personal training business app. An app where you can easily manage your client’s bookings or reward loyal clients for repeat training sessions.

Let me give you a little example of how it can work. Let’s say you have a free PT slot that you need to fill. In a few clicks, you can let your client base know about it with simple push notification.

In addition, you can have your own password protected members area so client can login, schedule individual sessions or download the workout and personal diet plan.

Unique Function of Diet Apps

Diet and nutrition apps.

There are tons of calories calculators, food barcode scanners, recipe books and personal diet programs. Meanwhile, all this staff accounts only 1% of Health & Fitness app market. Why so?

The answer is simple. People are proactive when it comes to weight loss and fitness. No one will just refuse to eat, sit down and wait until extra weight disappears. When it comes to obligations and resolutions, people are usually proactive. Workout and pizzas – that’s how people usually do fitness.

Diet app should be built bearing this idea in mind. Do not forbid the user to eat what he wants. Do not advise staff you wouldn’t eat by yourself either. Most diet apps loose because they give a diet plan from the very beginning. And believe me, this plans may scare the hell out of your clients.

Start from examining diet and eating habits users already have. Then, gradually, add several new products week after week. Don’t push it. This way you’ll keep users interested in your app and make them come back, again and again, to get one more little advice from you.

Most Popular Features of Workout Apps

Workout and exercise apps.

Fitness is important. Especially when most exercises you get during your workday happens between your wrists and fingertips. This is the situation 90% of your audience have now. The new 2018 year comes with new resolutions and many of us start looking for some sort of fitness program with simple day-to-day workouts.

The problem is that most of apps fall on the professional side. They have a broad functionality, too many PRO trainings inside and lack of 101 basics. Consider an app that provides the core mechanics that really helps people kick-start their sport program.

The survey showed that people prefer apps that have a customized skill program based on person’s fitness level. Another precious feature is on-the-go sessions that user can do no matter how much time he/she has.

Specials for Activity Tracking Apps

Activity tracking and general health apps.

Let’s start with basic functionality every activity tracker needs to cover:

  • Physical activity level.
  • Calories burned.
  • Water consumption rate.
  • Stairs climbed and steps made.
  • Standing VS sitting time breakdown.
  • Heart rate monitoring.

Obviously, some info cannot be obtained with the help of a smartphone. For instance, heart rate information is gathered through heart rate monitors or wearables. That is why your app should be able to pair with as many smart-devices as possible.

Integration with wearables usually goes through Bluetooth connection, which boasts low energy consumption rate and high data transfer speed. Bear in mind that Bluetooth has its own limits in terms of range and speed. Consider these limitations if you want to create an app for group training.

  • Bluetooth 3.0 – 25 Mbit/s – 10 meters (33 ft) range.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 – 25 Mbit/s – 60 meters (200 ft) range.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 – 50 Mbit/s – 240 meters (800 ft) range.

Frankly speaking, simple activity trackers lose their positions as fitness market saturates. Now it is time for making professional tracking solutions. Like those for sports teams, we’ve covered in Sports Team Management Apps blogpost.

Consider development of dedicated app for sports teams. Something that will help trainers track team performance on an individual basis and adapt training plan accordingly.

Bottom Line

Fitness apps maybe one of the most useful categories in App Store. They are made to bring value directly and their potential is hard to underestimate. We’ve got extensive experience in development of fitness apps that can connect to wireless device. So, if you have one on your mind, check out our portfolio and let’s get to work!

How do you create your own fitness app?


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