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StartUp App Ideas

Is it a Good Idea to Build an App for Sports Facilities Rental?

If you’re a sports person, who can’t live without activities, chances are you have rented a playfield once or twice over the past year. And statistics show that you’re not alone. 4 out of 10 people engage in additional technical training, skill development, and sports.

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Logistics

The main idea of any Uber-like app is to connect customers and third-party providers. The global success of Uber taxi service that connected passengers and drivers, made a start to the rise of the so-called uberized economy or on-demand economy. So this article would be about Uber for logistics and not about other services because...

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StartUp App Ideas

How will IoT and smart technologies keep us safe after quarantine is over?

Coronavirus outbreak paralyzed numerous cities all over the world and made people reconsider their safety when being in public places. Social distancing has become a norm necessary to keep us all healthy. That is why everything contactless will be a huge trend in the upcoming years. And there is no better way to create contactless...

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StartUp App Ideas

Why Should You Think About Building A Stress Relieving App in 2020?

This year will definitely go into history as the most unstable and stressful. 2020 began with forest fires, coronavirus outbreak and economic crisis. No wonder that people from all over the world (who have to stay home and change the way they used to live) feel so stressed and anxious. Whether they want it or...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Barbers: build own Mobile App to Promote Haircutting Service

Simple Mobile App to Make Appointments for a Haircut Make Your Own App Haircutting service is in demand all year round. It is a stable business and its market grows along with the cities’ population. Still, the life is speeding up. People are constantly moving from one city to another and don’t have much time...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Drones: Easy Drone Renting Service

Uber for Drones: App for easy Pilots Hiring and Drone Rent World Drone Market is Expected to grow over $127 billion by 2020. Over last 5 years, it shows positive grows. Such rise of the industry and high demand is explained by the diverse potential of drones. They could be applied nearly in any industry,...

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StartUp App Ideas

Startup Ideas for Making an App Like FaceApp

FaceApp has gone viral, again. Users all around the world upload their photos to see how they do they look older. This is a fun thing to do or, at least, interesting. But, as usual, the use of photo recognition and neural networks can be applied not only to mess up your photos to laugh...

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StartUp App Ideas

Best Ways to Entertain and to Educate your Kids During the Coronavirus Outbreak

  More than 770 million learners worldwide are now being affected by school and university closures, according to the United Nations. In this situation many parents faced with to home-schooling their children. While many traditional schools provide students with access to online education during a shutdown, supplementing with other tools can help kids explore interests they...

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StartUp App Ideas

Watch My Pet: An Uber for Pet Owners

Staying at home without a companion, the pet can be stressful but the pet’s owner has to go to work or attend an event anyway. For pet lovers, pet sitting services can be a great solution. Pet sitters take care of pets while their owners are away ensuring that the pets are well-fed, given timely...

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StartUp App Ideas

The Future Technology That Can Prevent Pandemics

From that moment when the world saw the first report of coronavirus in Wuhan, China, it has spread over the globe. China used against the virus, its strong technology sector and directly artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic. Many startups started an inseparable collaboration with clinicians, academics, and...

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