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Idea of Social Media Website

Social media possesses the lives of many people all over the world. They allow us to find out the latest news, find friends, chat with other users, exchange information, share our thoughts and experiences. Social networks help people to express themselves, induce them to be creative and individual. 

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StartUp App Ideas

Why Should You Build A Stress Relieving App in 2020?

This year will definitely go into history as the most unstable and stressful. 2020 began with forest fires, coronavirus outbreak and economic crisis. No wonder that people from all over the world (who have to stay home and change the way they used to live) feel so stressed and anxious. Whether they want it or...

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StartUp App Ideas

Best Instagram-like apps and their features

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world and definitely the most used photo sharing & editing mobile application. According to Statista Reports, it has 1+ billion monthly active users (MAUs) and 500+ million daily active users (DAUs) which practically means that every seventh person on Earth downloaded this app. The figure...

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StartUp App Ideas

Top 5 Best Grammarly Alternatives For Error Free Writing

Even professional writers make mistakes, and it doesn’t matter if you have a college degree in linguistics or not, it can give you a little more grasp of grammar and style. With an assistant like Grammarly, you can tackle any challenge as this writer app offers real-time spelling, grammar, and style changes and can even...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Events: The Best Party Planner

If you have ever planned a party, you should know how enduring it can be to remember about every single thing like decor, invitation, food, location and to connect all the pieces of the puzzle called a Party together. Not to mention how hard it can be to organize it and find all the staff...

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StartUp App Ideas

Skill Sharing Platforms Are The New Trend

A couple of months spent in home isolation changed our lives and habits. Some of us quickly got bored in the house and started looking for some useful things to do. Let’s just be honest, it may be cool to lay in the bed all day binge watching your favorite shows or movies, but it...

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StartUp App Ideas

TOP Augmented Reality App Ideas

At first glance it seems like AR app is useless nowadays. You need a lot of hardware in order for AR glasses to work: a battery, camera, processing power, memory, and preferably additional sensors. That’s why they are so bulky now. Just look at Microsoft Hololens. Obviously, such technology doesn’t fit consumer market needs. So...

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StartUp App Ideas

Contactless Drone Delivery Is Our Future

The delivery services have become our go-to option long ago because our lives are always quite busy. It is more time effective to make an order in a couple of clicks and wait till its delivered, than to go to a store and spend some time on choosing the food or goods and waiting in...

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StartUp App Ideas

How Crisis 2020 Boosted Live Streaming

In the last two months the popularity of live streaming and number of newly appeared broadcasting platforms skyrocketed. This unexpected interest in live streams is caused by coronavirus and quarantine. People have to avoid public places and direct social contacts, and of course they have to stay at home. 

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StartUp App Ideas

Top 10 useful applications during the pandemic

The coronavirus outbreak has spread global panic, with people searching for sure-fire ways to protect themselves. Medtech startups, healthcare organizations, and others are bringing applications and online services to the market to help people track the virus, check for symptoms, and offer advice on ways to help prevent exposure or even offer testing methods that...

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