What is Framework in Software Engineering?

There are many definitions in the developer’s vocabulary. And for a majority of users an engineer’s lexicon can be tough to handle. There are various systems at work, countless abbreviations and many more appear on a daily basis. “Framework” should definitely be the one to know because it is an imperative mechanism that stands behind…

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What is Modern JavaScript and How to Use it?


What is Modern JavaScript and How to Use it?

So, you are going to develop a web project but you barely understand the basics of programming languages or technologies your dev teams have proposed. Don’t fall into despair, you are not alone in this journey!  We have decided to explain JavaScript here, in this blogpost, in order to make you feel more confident and get...

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Why building Websites in WordPress is a bad idea?

WordPress is known to be the most frequently used content management system (CMS) on the web. Nowadays, 28.5% of websites are built on this platform and 35% of the Internet is powered by it. But why is it so popular and is WordPress good if you need a reliable website for your business? Originally, WordPress...

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MVP vs POC vs Prototype in App Development

To start a new product is very risky in highly competitive landscapes. it is not only about taking care of the quality and keeping the right price but about the concept of product/market fit.  According to the definition, the product/market fit is a product that can satisfy the market needs. Going further, we can say...

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How to Choose Your Technology Stack


Best Web Application Technology Stack in 2020

Think about tech stack as of a cocktail which includes numerous ingredients or software components. Take proper mix of programming languages, libraries, frameworks and it tastes outstanding. Of course some of those compounds have already become well-recognised standards among software mixologists.

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How to Integrate Apple Pay into Your App and Website

In today’s fast-paced world, people want to reduce time spent on routine tasks as much as possible. We all expect online purchases to be easy and convenient. And this, basically, means that we want to buy things with just one click without wasting our precious minutes on entering billing, shipping and contact information each time...

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story points


Agile Development 101 – Story Points Estimation

Frankly speaking, humans are really bad at making estimates. Especially, absolute estimates. Which is why estimation is often called an Art of Guessing. Fortunately, agile story points are here to fix this.

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9 Reasons that will convince you to redevelop your Desktop app to a cloud-based application

How does your day begin at the office? Does it start with a cup of aromatic coffee while your computer is loading? And what happens then? Let us guess. You run the desktop application and go for the next cup of coffee. In the case of a new update requirement, you may go for lunch...

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Automated Testing – Make Your Software to Perform Much Better

Your project development will be launched any day and you can’t stand to get a ready product but the dev team insists on software testing that slows down the starting? What to choose manual or automated testing? Is it enough to choose only one type of testing? Why testing is needed if I’ve hired a...

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Neural Networks and Face Recognition: Things You Need to Know

About some time ago we have covered the many faults and problematic disruptions delivered by the Big Tech corporations. Just the same there’s a worldwide criticism directed at the variety of modern innovations, many of which can be of great benefit for human society. You can add to it the rising combination of high tech...

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