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What Additional Value You Can Get With a Business Analyst?

What do you think makes certain projects more successful than others? Well, the usual practice is to have a Project Manager and QA specialists on a development team. It looks like a big team, however, there are could be some software development process that unheeded. Software projects may vary in resources, time frames, goals, and…

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Why Project Price May Increase During Software Development?

Quite often even the most precise technical specifications in the beginning of cooperation cannot guarantee that no changes to the project plan will be made during the development. 

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location-based apps


9 Hot Ideas for Location-Based Apps

Love it or hate it, but geolocation is present in more than 90% of apps installed on your smartphone. In fact, Touchscreen sensors, 3G, GPS and Camera functionality are four elephants on which the mobile app world is resting now. So, if you’re up to making a successful location-based service app, you’d better take advantage...

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9 Reasons that will convince you to redevelop your Desktop app to a cloud-based application

How does your day begin at the office? Does it start with a cup of aromatic coffee while your computer is loading? And what happens then? Let us guess. You run the desktop application and go for the next cup of coffee. In the case of a new update requirement, you may go for lunch...

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Adobe Flash Player Is No More! Enter: HTML 5

Adobe Flash Player support will end this year in December. The technology has become obsolete and have no place on the web anymore. Yet, as of this time there are more than 41 000 websites with embedded Adobe Flash Player functionality in US alone. What about them? There need to convert their content to HTML...

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Mac OS Apps Development: Yes or No?

Apps for Mac OS are not rare, although these are very niche products. Mac OS apps are programs that can work on Mac OS computers. Many of the apps have the same code and work identically on all Apple products but the development process can differ and so the adjustments are needed to make even...

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EMR and EHR Medical Software Development

The future belongs to medical software. Every tech insider, financial adviser, and software survey tells about it. Healthcare industry is going to be disrupted in the next decade and not by one big platform but by many local ones. Smartphones and smartwatches allow 24/7 data gathering and also make it possible to monitor a patient’s...

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How To Create a Decent Admin Panel

Usually, when it comes to the development of an application or any other tech solution, much attention is paid to its functionality and appearance from the end-user perspective, while an admin panel and its performance are often ignored. Yet, having a high-performing admin panel that is tailored to your specific business needs is as important...

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Neural Networks and Face Recognition: Things You Need to Know

About some time ago we have covered the many faults and problematic disruptions delivered by the Big Tech corporations. Just the same there’s a worldwide criticism directed at the variety of modern innovations, many of which can be of great benefit for human society. You can add to it the rising combination of high tech...

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what is the difference between native app, hybrid app and web app for mobile?


Native, Web or Hybrid Apps: What to Choose in 2020?

No matter whether you are an experienced business owner or a startuper, the dilemma of choosing the right mobile OS platform is impossible to avoid. The tension is getting even higher when you have a limited budget or a very short timelimit. So, you face the question what kind of app to build: native, web...

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