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The Best Tools to Build AR App

Augmented Reality is probably the biggest trend of this decade. Everyone remembers that moment when Pokemon Go was released and the number of its users skyrocketed in no time. This game started a new epoch when more and more AR apps began appearing on the market.  However, if previously AR was associated with games only,…

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Do You Need a Trading Application?

Trading has become a popular business niche and its popularity grows each year. People eagerly invest their money in stocks and those who are doing it successfully and for a long time cannot stay aside of all appearing technologies. Digital market is full of numerous trading applications and platforms allowing you to perform investing easier. ...

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How to Go Digital And Build Your App in 2020?

It is impossible to imagine a modern world without apps in 2020. There is an application for everything – ordering food, catching a ride, booking tickets, shopping, communicating, selling and buying products and services. And while users benefit from such a variety  of tools, startupers and businesses face hard times. It is almost impossible to...

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GBKSOFT is Named a Top AngularJS Developer 2019

We are proud to announce that GBKSOFT was listed among the Top AngularJS developers.

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How Often Should You Release Updates?

Apps can make our life easier and yet they can add some complications too. When we say so we are referring to application updates. All users can be divided into 2 categories: The ones that like updates and keep installing them every time they receive a notification on their devices; The ones who get annoyed...

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Is Building an MVP a Good Choice? 

Digital market is full of various applications and sometimes it seems that everything is already created and there is nothing more to invent. And yet each year something new gets released and we are surprised. When it comes to developing new applications, every detail matters. As a startuper in your niche you should take into...

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Create Visually Appealing Design for Apps

When it comes to mobile applications the first thing we require from them is functionality. However when we choose among numerous apps with similar functions on the App Store or Google Play Market, we tend to install the ones that have more beautiful design. Taking this into account it can be said that UI &...

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Juicy Thanksgiving Turkey

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Happy Thanksgiving Day!

On the day of Thanksgiving we get back to self-awareness. This is the day when we prove to ourselves that distances don’t really matter neither for business cooperation, nor for a family reunion.

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GBKSOFT Participated in 2019 Stevie Awards

Stevie Awards 2019 to pick this year’s winners for marketing and creative categories. It is a great honor for GBKSOFT to represent our country and be distinguished as a leading software development provider in Europe, successful and innovative enough to choose the best companies exhibiting great marketing achievements. 

Rating — 4.9 (23 votes)
Best developers team in Europe

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GBKSOFT team included in the list of the Best Mobile App Developers

Every team of professional app developers knows how essential a recognition from valuable and influential media platforms can be. Information portals like Business of Apps always allow clients who are interested in building their own special Android or iOS app to choose among the huge variety of dedicated mobile development companies. There is no need...

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