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Web Development Company: Find and Hire the Best One for your Project

These days finding web developers with necessary programming and soft skills seems to be a simple task. There are thousands of web development agencies on the market. They all have a company website that can be accessed easily. However, when you start searching for a perfect team to build your project, you realize that it’s...

  • 14-15 min read
  • June 23, 2022
  • by Anna

Request for Proposal Software Development – Tips and Guidelines

Outsourcing software development has become a great option for satisfying the technical requirements and needs in the modern business environment. It is not only the most cost-efficient option but also because it allows focusing on core business activities. However, the most critical aspects are to find the best partner and settle the efficient cooperation. One...

  • 9-10 min read
  • June 22, 2022
  • by Nadiia Shevchuk

Real Estate Digital Transformation in 2022: New Trends You Should Adopt

While smart solutions became increasingly popular among other industries, the real estate industry stayed quite conservative and remained a late adopter of  digital technologies. However, during the past few years this tendency changed and digital transformation gained its momentum.  Now it is hard to imagine a successful real estate company without innovative property management systems,...

  • 12-13 min read
  • June 20, 2022
  • by Anna

What is Enterprise Portal and How to Develop One?

What is an Enterprise Portal? In broad terms, it is a decentralized internal system deployed by big and middle companies for the sake of fluent and timely communication between the company’s employees, and sometimes with customers as well. Enterprise portals are designed for content management and content distribution. All big companies use Enterprise Portals in...

  • 12-13 min read
  • June 16, 2022
  • by Anastasiia Mikula

Developing a Custom POS System For Franchise Business

Franchising is at its peak for many years. Some of the most world-known cafes, coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, and stores are brought to various countries and cities by the means of franchising. You definitely heard about McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Burger King, and KFC (I like wings.). The success behind any franchise lies in efficient standardization and established processes...

  • 8-9 min read
  • June 16, 2022
  • by Olha Didenko

How VR House and Room Tours Transformed Real Estate

I still cannot believe how drastically our lives changed in the last few years. Coronavirus outbreak not only made us all stay home, but it also provoked economic crisis. Many business niches experienced numerous challenges and many people were left without jobs. And while some companies reconsidered their strategy, adapted to changes and continued working...

  • 8-9 min read
  • June 14, 2022
  • by Anna

5 Reasons to Choose A Cloud POS Over A Traditional

Using POS has become beneficial for many industries like retail, e-commerce, banking, manufacturing, healthcare, etc. Some businesses tend to use traditional or on-site POS apps while others advance to cloud-based POS systems. In this article, we would like to take a close look at the core difference between traditional and cloud POS systems to define...

  • 10-11 min read
  • June 14, 2022
  • by Anastasiia Mikula

Top 5 Reasons to Build a Custom CMS for Your Website

Maintaining your content with WordPress or another website builder can be effective if you don’t plan to expand your business, increase sales, improve services, and, well, grow. But what business doesn’t plan to grow? Certainly not a successful one. Using custom CMS has a variety of benefits that themselves might make your business successful. Don’t...

  • 5-6 min read
  • June 10, 2022
  • by Anastasiia Mikula

Proptech trends 2022-2025: Overview and Examples

Real estate management and startups jostle for market share and face serious difficulties striving to scale up and hold their position in comparison to competitors. In this article, you will discover the current position of the real estate industry on the market, the latest proptech trends, and success stories with the implementation of these trends...

  • 11-12 min read
  • June 09, 2022
  • by Nadiia Shevchuk

Smart Property Systems and Custom PMS Development Guide

The rental real estate management is not the most straightforward job since you need to find a tenant and take payment and perform many tasks related to real estate maintenance, accounting, etc. The more real estate objects you have for rent, the bigger is a need for software to automate processes and free up time...

  • 12-13 min read
  • June 06, 2022
  • by Ksenija
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