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Create a calculator widget for your website

Have you ever noticed how widgets on websites make surfing more accessible and more pleasant? The implementation of widgets in modern websites is becoming more and more popular. Now it doesn’t need much effort from developers to install it to web apps. Adding widgets to your website brings a lot of advantages and engages more…

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How Business Can Drive Profitable Growth Through Dynamic Pricing

When choosing air tickets and planning a vacation, you may have noticed such a situation more than once that you just looked at the price, and while you were finishing drawing up the travel budget, the ticket price increased. Sometimes, the price can change while you fill in the purchase details. Dynamic prices, which can...

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Best Tips How to Meet Your Software Project Deadline

Do you or your team have a problem with meeting deadlines safely? It can be tricky, right? But we all know it, and we’re all annoyed by it when it happens: I am talking about missed deadlines or delayed projects. Why do people or companies not honor their deadlines commitments? In most cases, this isn’t...

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What solution does your laundry business need? 

Digital optimization is no longer a privilege, it is a necessity for every business right now. Whatever services or goods you are selling you need a reliable solution that will be convenient for both your employees and your customers. Today we would like to discuss with you how digitalization can help to boost laundry business,...

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What is the best Angular development company? 

Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for building applications and it is widely used all over the world. Both the clients and the developers appreciate Angular projects because it is a part of the JavaScript ecosystem that is known for years as the most reliable, convenient and cost effective in terms of app...

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StartUp App Ideas

Idea of Social Media Website

Social media possesses the lives of many people all over the world. They allow us to find out the latest news, find friends, chat with other users, exchange information, share our thoughts and experiences. Social networks help people to express themselves, induce them to be creative and individual. 

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What is a data science team and how to structure it? 

Not many people will be able to provide a more or less clear definition of a term “data science team”. That is because it appeared not so long ago and was used not frequently. However, the need for data science teams grows and many businesses tend to hire them to build complex projects powered by...

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How to Start an Online Video Streaming Business

Video Streaming is a trending area that grows and wides its borders. In fact, one-third of all consumed content is accounted for videos. Needless to say that pre-produced video content is the next big thing in online marketing. 74% of marketers and small business owners who used videos confirmed a direct effect on their company. GBKSOFT suggests...

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HMI Programming And Development

It doesn’t matter what you have to work with with a self-service kiosk or production equipment. In any case, you will want to make it functional and user-friendly. To realize what you want in developing a single HMI module, you need to create a high-performance user interface, high functionality (for both hardware and software), ensure...

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Save at least 50% of costs on development by switching to outsource team

One of the ways to cut costs on the development during the COVID-19 or any other crisis is to outsource the software development. Of course outsourcing has its risks however these risks can be mitigated. This article is not about pros and cons of outsourcing, there are already thousands of such in the WEB. Instead...

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