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How to Choose and Execute the Right Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing implies a scalable potential and can be quickly implemented into the organization considering the business needs. Cloud systems provide improved customer support and innovative services. The range of cloud providers is vast, and mostly they have similar services. The choice of cloud providers can be defined by the cloud strategy that is created according...

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UX design creation

UI and Design

What is the Role of User Flows in UX Design?

UX design is vital as during the interaction with the product, users are fully focused on the actions they take and the tasks they expect to finish. User flows help to better understand and predict the expectations of future users. Consequently, it helps to create a highly qualified and suitable product design. User flows describe...

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Why is Distributed Cloud the Priority Tech Trend?

Modern business companies process and manage huge amounts of data every day. They require cloud-based storage to keep vital data safe and sound. Cloud storages provide enterprise scalability and agility to record important business information. Cloud services fasten the entire company workflow by building more efficient strategies, creating new modern ways of interacting with customers, monetization,...

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Privacy-Enhancing Computation: Data Protection Technologies

The amount of data generated and processed every day is enormous.  Thanks to modern technologies, it can be structured, managed, and protected. These data protecting techs are called privacy-enhancing computation, Gartner`s 2021 tech trend. The probabilities of data privacy violations and hacker attacks grow simultaneously. About 82% of all internet users refuse to give their real...

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recording audio


How to Develop Audio Recorder Application

Times, when people used additional devices to record voices, are way past. Now all you need to do is to download any app you want to your smartphone and record the necessary information. You may think that the audio recorder applications are useful for people who work in journalistic areas but it is a wrong...

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Total experience trend


Gartner`s Tech Trends 2021: What is Special about Total Experience?

Each business company is unique and has its strategy of development and workflow improvements. Modern technologies make this process of improving much more manageable and efficient. An organization builds a suitable plan of growth for the next several years and chooses the required methods of its execution.  Recently Gartner has published the top tech trends...

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Software Development Life Cycle

Implementation of smart software solutions is the need for all modern business industries. Most business owners want to make the workflow more efficient and the company more profitable. As any business area is not stable, it is always changing, the software should be flexible, scalable, easy to use, and maintain. Successful integration of software solutions is...

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