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Employee Apps like Shyft your Business can Benefit from

Employee app is a relatively new solution that makes communication inside the company more effective. According to Gallup, 87% of employees worldwide are not engaged at work, but this doesn’t have to be this way. By showing the team members that their opinion is valued and their work is appreciated you keep them engaged in their...

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Facial Recognition and Augmented Reality in Plastic Surgery Apps

Probably everyone has seen the Before and After surgery pics. But what if patients could see the new version of themselves as clear as when looking in the mirror even before going to the doctor? Well, now they can, as new technologies like face recognition, 3d printing and augmented reality are expanding into healthcare.

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Home: Provide Household Services Easily

Every house or apartment needs some regular works like cleaning, fixing, minor painting, and so on. But keeping your home clean requires time and pretty often that’s not a chore you are happy to do. There is always a need for minor maintenance works not to mention some emergencies like pipe bursts or electrical short...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Luggage: City-Wide 24/7 Storage App

Imagine you have one day in the city for sightseeing, the only problem is that you have luggage too. You have just checked out of a hotel and your plane leaves at 10 pm and there is no storage service provided in the hotel. What would you do? The good news is that they actually...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Real Estate

The on-demand economy with its uber-like apps is disrupting the market. Recently uberisation reached the real estate market as well. Traditional real estate agencies soon will be the thing of the past with Uber Real Estate App, bringing the commission significantly down.

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber-like Hotel Apps

On-demand apps like Uber are on the rise. You can get everything you need from the food delivered to your office to the room in a hotel just with one tap on the screen of your smartphone. The main idea of hotel booking apps is to match the user’s location data to the vacant rooms...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Events: The Best Party Planner

If you have ever planned a party, you should know how enduring it can be to remember about every single thing like decor, invitation, food, location and to connect all the pieces of the puzzle called a Party together. Not to mention how hard it can be to organize it and find all the staff...

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