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StartUp App Ideas

Uber-like Apps for Business Trips

Traveling often for business may be exhausting, but travel mobile apps can make a difference and make a corporate traveler’s life easier. The corporate traveler can deal with canceled or delayed flights by adjusting bookings in real time to avoid unnecessary expenses.

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Mobile Application Market Analysis 2020

The market of mobile apps is growing rapidly like never before. According to App Annie – leading global provider of app market data – in 2018 the number of downloaded apps reached 194B worldwide, which is 35% more than in 2017. In addition, global app store consumer spend increased by 75% since 2016 and application...

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What is BPO or Business Process Outsourcing?

Many businesses today, from the small startups to the big corporations, choose to outsource work processes to the third-party providers often situated in a location different from the company’s whereabouts. It all began with transferring good’s production to the developing countries but, at present, service outsourcing has been growing in popularity ever since we entered...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Groceries: Get Your Food Delivered In No Time

Delivering groceries is not a novelty. And though the milkmen hurrying to deliver his milk early in the morning is definitely the thing of the past, grocery delivery is not. You won’t see a grocery boy riding his bicycle on the streets for understandable reasons but grocery delivery itself is given a second life.

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PHP vs. Ruby vs. Node.js: What is Best for your Project in 2020?

If you have ever planned to build a website, you probably wondered, what programming language is the best to build it with. In the case of front-end it’s pretty much clear, most of the modern front-end web developers work with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. But deciding on the technology for the back-end may be not...

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop an On-Demand Service App?

The pace of life is accelerating rapidly nowadays. The on-demand economy or in other words “access economy” appeared to satisfy customers’ needs by supplying goods and services immediately. With a smartphone in your hand you can buy anything you want or get services you need in almost no time. Before Uber appeared on the market,...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber-like apps for everything On-demand

Uber started the development of so-called on-demand economy with a wide range of services and goods provided immediately. On-demand apps are breaking into the market at a high pace. There are taxi apps, food apps, delivery apps, beauty apps, and even dog-walking apps.

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Oil and Gas Apps: Software Solutions for Petroleum Industry

Oil and gas companies deal with complex operations every day. In a computerized age we live in, it is impossible to think about such things as resource optimization and production management beyond the global trend of digitalization. That’s why it is highly important to choose the right software solution to effectively tackle the challenges posed...

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Apps for Employee Experience Managers

Employee satisfaction is one of the key factors of any business success. There is no doubt that engaged employees work more productively and tend to stay with the company for longer. According to Gallup research, an alarming 70% of workers are not engaged at work, that leads to low productivity and therefore to financial losses....

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