Apart from her extreme marketing and public relations expertise, Ira’s positive energy is making her a valuable member of our team. Marketing intuition, experience, strong communication skills, and sales knowledge are just a few of her talents, not to mention her ability to learn and comprehend new and complicated technologies. Irina is a rare combination of expertise and talent.

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GBKSOFT – Your reliable Outstaff team

Is this blog post was written to sell? – Yes! Because we have a GREAT deal for you – 30% for an hourly rate! Does your company or digital agency experience a lack of workforce? Or maybe you need more employees to finish an urgent project? Do you feel that you could take even more...

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How to Power Up your Business with IoT apps

There will be about 212 billion devices by the end of 2020, IDC statistics suggest. It’s roughly 40 devices for each human being. All these things will grow in computing power and Internet of Things is called to unite them into the worldwide network. This is the core idea and, at the same time, the...

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Why Facial Recognition is the Future to Cybersecurity

Facial recognition is a technology that can verify a person’s identity based on the collection of digital images he/she has stored in a database. The tool examines a person’s face and matches it against the images in the database for that person. This functionality is used in IoT development and apps creation.

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Marketing Tips

How Do Free Apps Make Money

There are more than 4,5 million mobile apps available for download in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store combined. At first glance, the spike in popularity of apps is far behind. Mobile app market seems to be oversaturated and most of the apps are free for download. But the truth be told the app market...

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