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Apps for Employee Experience Managers

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  • Updated on April 20, 2021
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Employee satisfaction is one of the key factors of any business success. There is no doubt that engaged employees work more productively and tend to stay with the company for longer. According to Gallup research, an alarming 70% of workers are not engaged at work, that leads to low productivity and therefore to financial losses. Employee experience management is here to turn this upsetting situation for the better.

  1. What is Employee Experience?
  2. Why You need Employee Experience Manager and HR
  3. Employee Apps for Employee Experience Improvement
  4. Possible Features for the Employee Apps
  5. Benefits of Building a Custom Employee App

What is Employee Experience?

Employee experience or EX starts with the first interaction with a company as being a candidate and lasts as long as he or she is staying. Employee experience management is aimed at providing a positive experience to employees inside the company which results as positive customer experience because only committed and enthusiastic team members are able to create desirable customer experience and maintain a positive company image.

EX is more than just perks that companies provide to their employees such as a free gym or pizza. It’s about every interaction with the managers, workplace and even software they are using during their working hours. To make it simple, if you want to improve employee experience in your company you need to optimize every little thing your team members interact with. And that’s where the employee experience manager and employee apps would be very helpful.

Employee Experience Manager and HR

However, employee satisfaction does not fall within HR department’s competence. Employee Experience Manager is the one who is in charge of attracting and retaining talented employees. This can be achieved not only by providing competitive remuneration but also by appraising employees to make them feel recognized. The main responsibilities of the employee experience manager often are organizing trainings, arranging rewarding programs, carrying out feedback surveys, and any other activities that are aimed at enhancing employee engagement with their jobs. Often these responsibilities are being carried out by the human resources department specialists. Regardless of whether there is an employee experience manager position in a company, you can’t deny the fact that employee satisfaction is extremely important for any business.

Employee Apps for Employee Experience Improvement

Employee App is a relatively new invention, but thousands of companies have already started taking benefits out of using it. The aims you can tackle with employee apps are the following points

  • praise employees by celebrating their milestones at work to make them feel appreciated.
  • conduct opinion polls and surveys to show their opinions is being valued.
  • empower employees to empower themselves by providing them the ability of collaborations to show your trust.
  • collect feedback about processes at your company to improve it.
  • provide employees with the necessary billing documents for easy access.
  • enabling official requests to be sent directly to the executives to both save time and resources.
  • grunt control to manage sick leaves, days off and vacations to make your employees feel organized.
  • to provide abundant information about your company’s internal policy, rules, regulations, and procedures with a search box to make everyone stay informed.

Often companies provide employee apps to be used both on desktops and smartphones. While using applications on the desktop computers at work may be more convenient, using the mobile version may come in handy when an employee is away on sick leave or on a business trip. Speaking about traveling on business needs, adding expenses in the app may become a very useful feature. Each company has its specific nature of work to be taking into consideration when it comes to an employee app.

Possible Features for the Employee Apps

User Roles 
You may want to enable different user roles such as an employee and a manager or an executive account. It means that employees will login into different user roles with different rights and levels of access.

You can provide all the necessary billing documents and the wage details, information about bonuses and appraisals.

While emails boxes can be overcrowded with all kinds of letters, an employee request won’t get lost or forgotten if created in the app. The responsible manager will get a notification and reply as soon as possible.

You can include this feature in your app to celebrate work anniversaries and birthdays of your team members, as well as some events held in your company.

Internal wiki with the information about company policies, regulations, company values will help employees to adapt smoothly and get access to this info anytime they need.

Enable assigning tasks to employees to encourage collaborations and develop decision-making and teamwork skills.

Sending direct messages and enabling group chatting allows your employees to get to people their professional advice they need in no time. You can also encourage brainstorming to get a fresh look at a problem.

Leaving comments on the posts is very important too due to our social nature. People like to express their opinion if they know it is valued by the company.

Posting is a great way to share some news with your employees and to collect the feedback by the way they react.

If you want your messages to be delivered instantly you should enable notifications to make sure important information won’t get lost.

Both employees and executives should be aware of who is present at the office at the moment, for example when the instant consultation is needed.

Benefits of Building a Custom Employee App

Although you may purchase a ready-made solution of employee apps, we highly recommend you to think about developing a unique app that will tackle your exclusive business goals and specific features of your industry. As a company of more than 80 employees and more than 8 years of experience on the market, we decided on developing an app that would meet the demands of our company. We realized this need when our team reached the number of around 40 employees and since then communication in our company has improved significantly and so did the employee experience.

  • Bespoke employee app will be designed to meet all the unique business goals of your company.

  • You can start with a small app covering the most important features and then extend it by adding functionality.

  • The corporate style of your company will be preserved in the design and structure of the custom-made app.

  • Though you will have to spend more at once, this solution will prove with time as there are no monthly fees required.

  • The employee experience will be improved due to the improvement of the business processes in your company.

  • The custom-made app will make your employees feel that they belong to a community that cares about their needs.

In present, there is no question of whether you should care about employee experience in your company, the question is how you should achieve it. As much as any business cares about customer experience, the same way it should care about employee experience because the image of your business is built upon the interactions clients have with the company representatives.

Recognizing the employee’s achievements, celebrating their milestones, optimizing the internal processes in your company – this and more will significantly improve the employee experience in your company. To achieve this goal, you should think of an employee app that will fit your company’s business goals and the specificity of your industry.

Already thinking of developing the employee app?

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