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Is Your Company AI-Ready? The Data Challenge

Whatever business industry we name, it certainly deals with a lot of data on a daily basis. Various companies have apps, websites, smart devices, and complex technological systems that collect, process, store and analyze that data. But is that data used effectively in the end? Does it bring any value or advantages to your company? ...

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Everything You Wanted To Know About Data as a Service

Data is now widely seen as a necessary fuel for innovation and company growth in the short-term. As The Economist magazine famously suggested in one of its old issues: “data is the new oil”. Just like a car can’t move without gasoline, a modern-day company can’t go anywhere without data. The market for data is...

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How to Choose and Execute the Right Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing implies a scalable potential and can be quickly implemented into the organization considering the business needs. Cloud systems provide improved customer support and innovative services. The range of cloud providers is vast, and mostly they have similar services. The choice of cloud providers can be defined by the cloud strategy that is created according...

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Data Driven Approach: Towards a Business Change

Slowly but surely, data-driven is taking over the world. The concept of data-driven decisions is increasingly common – decisions based on a large amount of data. Whatever companies are from the point of view of management culture, they somehow use data to make a decision – otherwise, the decisive one would have nothing to rely...

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Property Management Accounting Software

Today all business owners think of automating and optimizing the work processes to increase general productivity. The crucial part of any company is finances, especially for real estate. The financial department needs particular attention and accuracy in every tiny detail.  Thanks to modern smart technologies and software development, it can be much easier than it...

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What is a data science team and how to structure it? 

Not many people will be able to provide a more or less clear definition of a term “data science team”. That is because it appeared not so long ago and was used not frequently. However, the need for data science teams grows and many businesses tend to hire them to build complex projects powered by...

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Who can benefit from IT Asset Management Software?

The efficient management of various assets is essential for every organization. For making timely and correct decisions, your company’s management must use relevant, updated, and accessible data about all asset systems to know if some assets need to be purchased, updated, or disposed of. Building influence on the market, the most precious today is a...

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5 Benefits of Implementing Project Portfolio Management

Large companies usually calculate their projects in the hundreds, with different departments meeting a wide range of targets. With so many simultaneous activities at the implementation stage, it can be easy for a company’s short-term operations to fall out of alignment with its long-term goals. For better organizing and directing their activities, most companies collect...

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How to Manage Outsourced Vendors


How to Manage Software Outsourcing Vendors

A lot of companies make a decision to delegate their IT-related tasks to “outsourced partners” for the latter to do the work and meet the desired objectives. Software development accounts for the biggest share of this market, as the size of the application development segment is projected to reach a whopping nearly $109 billion in...

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