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Why Your Outsourced Team Needs a PM

Aug 29, 2016
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When you want to start the project, what do you think about? Budget, deliverables, deadlines … but what goes on backstage is what project managers think about. Why do you need a project manager? Well, let’s not finish this article by saying “Let professionals do their job.” Let’s plunge into the details.

Outsourced Project Manager Strengths

Here are the top 6 characteristics of good project managers who are really making ideas happen:


Development of your project is always related to risks. Based on what our PMs learned from their previous projects, they are able to find a way out of a difficult situation. When you learn math at school, you never expect to get a high mark when you didn’t even try to use the required formula at all (we are not talking about geniuses). And in this job, it is like math: there is always a formula (in project management world, it is methodology) and practical experience helps to modify it, depending on what the project requirements are or what the client needs. I agree with the phrase that I once read:

“when you hire outsource team you also want an objective opinion.”

That’s why our project managers in GBKSOFT offer our clients guidance, direction, recommendations and opinions.

Bridge and filter.

To put this in different terms, this skill is called “communication.” The team and stakeholders both get the updates and information about the project from a project manager whose job is to make sure he or she decreases confusion and increases accuracy. The project manager needs to motivate the team whose facing time pressure from the deadline. Therefore, it is important to communicate with the team and listen to them. Project managers need to identify and confirm key takeaways with all team members. 


This is about change management skills. Stakeholders may often change their view of the outcome. As a good mentor the project managers are willing to teach clients, they help stakeholders by sharing information and expertise. Changes can often bring problems that may be considered technical. The project manager then talks to the client about this modification and communicates this change to the team that is responsible for its implementation. Excellent communication skills are required. When project manager is a good mentor his change management skills are on a really high level.


The project manager keeps the schedule in the back of their mind, but most likely tracks it in the project management tool, which is the schedule and plan of tasks that need to be completed within a predefined period of time. therefore, planning is part of this stage. Even with scheduling, the PM’s job is to motivate people. It is important to solve problems that may postpone deadlines. They use a documented scope of work to manage client expectations, whenever it’s time to discuss deliverables.


Don’t be surprised with this one. A project manager is an independent person and won’t give up when something doesn’t go in the right direction, even from the very first stage. Every project has a personality and the project manager needs to have an open mind in order to manage it and control the project’s resources/budget/deadlines. There is no room for panicking here. It is an important skill, even for everyday life. The project managers cannot afford to panic when they realize that they’re the only person who can find the solution. Any answer can be found when you have a cold mind.


Yes, PMs are passionate about what they do. Nobody will ride a bike that burns if they are not crazy about that bike. This skill helps the PM to achieve the goals of the project and to care about the process. That’s why when standard things do not work – he/she is looking for the new one. If they haven’t found it, they’ll create a new approach. This is how we work here at GBKSOFT.

Why do We need a Project Manager

Project managers are amazing. They know what they do and why they do it. They understand you, even when you start thinking about a feature and didn’t say a word. They are careful with what they do, just like surgeons. They get others interested in hearing their opinion.

Project managers are amazing


WEB PROJECT MANAGER Energy, leadership, and deliverables are just a few traits that Anastasia holds true to her name. These three essential qualities best describe her character and contribute to her overall, great productivity! Anastasia is an experienced project manager who is a regular attendee of seminars and conferences.

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