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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Boats: Marine App that Helps you Roam the Water

If you thought about development of an on-demand boat service, this may be actually a good idea. Uber itself has moved in direction of the water transportation market at least twice. It has launched special UberBOAT service for in 2015 and made service available in Croatia, on June 26th, 2017.

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StartUp App Ideas

Transporting Kids to School with Uber for Kids

Big cities often force parents to seek school for their children far from home. But there may be a problem in driving your kids to school every single day. Especially if you’re working parent.

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How Much Uberlike App Cost


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Uber-like App

The transportation market has undergone significant changes since the first iPhone hit the market in 2007. A huge popularity of ride-sharing mobile apps, as well as Uber’s launch in 2009, made possible for entrepreneurs to earn extra profits from centuries old taxicab industry.

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uber for buses

StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Buses: Easy Bus Renting Service for Events

Uber for Buses: App for quick Bus Hiring Making a road trip with friends on a rented bus have always been a fun thing, but not for those who are actually responsible for trip planning. Bus renting service is widely available but still, requires too many efforts from potential audience. This fact and that buses...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for photography Allows Booking a Photoshoot for Any Occasion

Uber for Photography: finds best local photographers nearby. Personal shooting has always been in high demand among women. In addition to its luxurious fleur and high prices this segment of beauty industry also integrates with two other niches: Advertising and Fashion Industries. Development of a photographer booking app may become a stable source of income.

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StartUp App Ideas

Watch My Pet: An Uber for Pet Owners

Uber for Pet: Best App for Pet Owners If you’re a pet owner you may be faced with the problem of caring for your little friend while you’re away, on vacation or business trip. Such kind of service may be really helpful when you’re unable to find a trustworthy person to watch your pet or...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Lawyers: Quick Appointments for Legal Advice

Promote your Legal Services through Mobile App Uber for lawyers will allow you to provide legal advice at any time whether you’re in the office or in the country. Make additional income stream from a subscription-based mobile app. The mobile app can be a great automation tool to make all routine work you’ve previously made...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Infants: Find a Car with Baby Seat

Uber for Infants: Transfers you Kids with Absolute Care Every parent has an emergency situation when they need to travel with infant kids and don’t have a car behind. Each of us can have such problem once in awhile. Furthermore, many parents have a constant need for a reliable driver to take them to the...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Flowers: Flowers & Gifts Delivery Service

Promote your Flower Delivery Business through Mobile App Floral industry is one of the all-green markets that growths steadily year-over-year. It generates more than $101.84 billion. Naturally, North America and Europe remain the biggest revenue generator for this industry. But no matter how conservative this market may look like, it still grows and changes under...

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StartUp App Ideas

Uber for Fitness: Get People Fit with Personal Trainer Classes

Uber for Fitness: Makes Customized Training Sessions to Get Fit Faster Fitness industry and gyms, in particular, is booming. There are around 37 thousand health clubs & fitness centers in the U.S. Each of them caring about 5 to 10 trainers that are ready to give individual workout classes but still have no ability to...

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