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How to Improve Customer Service with Web Communication

A recent Deloitte research sites that 62% of companies perceive contact centers as a “competitive advantage” that drives additional customers. Definitely, in the age when services dominate over the products, few will argue with the importance of contact centers. It must be acknowledged that additional services (contact centers are among them) are the new drivers…

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“Mastering Emotional Management” or “How to Master Your Emotions”

Henry Ford once said: “Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain attached?” This means that wherever people are, there are always emotions and relationships, not just ideas and skills for getting the job done. Let’s see how the emotional component is formed within a project...

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The process of WEB development: Roadmap

The development of any product can be a huge process and just like any others that you would expect a positive result from, the WEB process needs to be thought out and measured.  A lot of developers, especially the junior ones or even the little companies, think that some stages of development are just a...

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