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startup does not need cto


Reason why Startup does Not Need CTO or Technical Co-founder

It’s not a secret that early stage tech startups always meet plenty of difficulties and challenges before moving to the development process. It’s the period when the misallocation of resources often takes place, especially when the founders are non-technical persons. Being the non-technical founder you are more likely distribute resources in a wrong way. But…

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How Much Money Can You Earn With an App?

The market of mobile applications grows by leaps and bounds. This huge industry is expanding every day and does not seem to stop. The army of developers is constantly increasing, the amount of apps and downloads flourishes. Therefore, the income generated by the industry of mobile applications beats all records. The reasonable question is: how...

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How We Work With Startups: Outsourcing Development Checklist

Few outsourcing development companies acknowledge that working with startups may be harder and much less profitable than making a product for the established enterprise. Which is why we’ve made our own five-step code, that ensures great results and drives the motivation across our team members when we’re working with startup owners.

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