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Mobile App Cost tag is used in articles that mention budgeting, pricing model, and expenses associated with the development of mobile applications. There two pricing model that described is Time and Material model and Fixed Price Model. Time and Materials is generally used in projects in which it is not possible to accurately estimate the size of the project, or when it is expected that the project requirements would most likely change. Which is why most of the articles under Mobile App Cost tag usually mention how the mobile app estimation is performed, what are the internal cost factor and influencers of mobile app budget and how to reduce the cost of a mobile app.

How Much Uberlike App Cost


How Much Does it Cost to Develop an Uber-like App

The transportation market has undergone significant changes since the first iPhone hit the market in 2007. A huge popularity of ride-sharing mobile apps, as well as Uber’s launch in 2009, made possible for entrepreneurs to earn extra profits from centuries old taxicab industry.

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Fixed Price VS Time and Material pricing model


Fixed Price VS Time and Material pricing model

There are two main questions that each client asks prior to starting development of software product: How fast it can be done and How much it’ll cost. While each company prepares time & cost estimation, there are no possible ways to come up with exact figures that will remain intact until the end of the...

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How Much Will My App Cost?

The most important part of the decision making process is estimating how much time the development of your mobile application will take. Usually, it passes through several stages until the final budget is determined and that alone depends on a number of factors, including:

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