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smart office using iot


How to make your office smart using IoT

Internet of things has already sneaked into our houses. It can control almost everything starting from the floor temperature, curtains position, and the door locks, ending with making coffee when you have just woken up. Being surrounded by smart devices at home, why not to move them into the office and bring automatization to everyday…

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“Mastering Emotional Management” or “How to Master Your Emotions”

Henry Ford once said: “Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain attached?” This means that wherever people are, there are always emotions and relationships, not just ideas and skills for getting the job done. Let’s see how the emotional component is formed within a project...

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Why Your Outsourced Team Needs a PM

When you want to start the project, what do you think about? Budget, deliverables, deadlines … but what goes on backstage is what project managers think about. Why do you need a project manager? Well, let’s not finish this article by saying “Let professionals do their job.” Let’s plunge into the details.

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