How to Turn your Data into Asset and Improve your Customer Service

Meet Annie. She’s running a small financial consulting firm and dedicate all her energy to customer service and business process optimization. She barely had time to integrate a CRM and follow up all clients through it. Over a year her consulting division has grown from 4 to 16 people. One day, looking through a schedule of meetings she found that there are more appointments for the last week of each month and too many cancellations for the first week of the month. Turned out that the majority of appointments are canceled right after potential clients get a paycheck.

Annie advised to reschedule all appointments with potential clients to the end of the month, when they feel more insecure with their current financial situation and thus are more willing to get advice from a consultant. Guess what?Annie’s firm has doubled the number of clients in three months.

How to Power Up your Business with IoT apps

There will be about 212 billion devices by the end of 2020, IDC statistics suggests. It’s roughly 40 devices for each human being. All these things will grow in computing power and Internet of Things is called to unite them into the worldwide network.

This is the core idea and, at the same time, the biggest challenge that Internet of Things is facing nowadays. The industry is frequently mentioned in the articles, blog posts and tech reviews over the past few years, but few people know how to apply IoT in the real life right now.