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Augmented Reality development toolkits. Layar SDK is an AR SDK for iOS and Android apps. Vuforia Augmented Reality SDK, formerly known as QCAR, is a Software Development Kit for creating AR applications for mobile devices. Popular AR SDK: ARKit, Google Tango, Vuforia, EasyAR, Wikitude, ARToolKit, Kudan, Maxst, Xzimg, NyARToolkit.

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Summing Up: New Trends in Mobile Development 2017

6 years ago users downloaded 2.89 billion paid apps. This number will likely to grow up to 14.78 billion by the end of 2017. The mobile app market is not likely to slow down anytime soon, as well as app revenues. Statista prospects app revenues to reach almost $189 billion in 2020. Obviously, there is…

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Augmented reality for industries


The True Power of Augmented Reality software

When it comes to Augmented Reality the first thing that pops up in your mind is Pokemon Go, the chartbreaker that hit Apple’s and Android’s app stores last summer. But if you dive deeper you may realize that AR is still an underestimated futuristic tech.

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